Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had Thanksgiving at my parents house. We had a variety of family and friends come. We had great food and fun. We hung out at my parents house all day. After eating my mom had a craft for the kids, she suprised them with a Christmas outfit for their Build-a-Bears, Aunt Cinda brought a fun craft for the kids too, and we all did a lot of playing, talking and laughing.

Before eating I attempted to get some pictures of Hayden and Emmie. Emmie hates pictures and usually won't even look at me, so I will snap a 100 pictures to get one. I never got one of her alone where she looked happy, she was too grumpy and ready to eat.

After eating

The kids doing their Crafts

My mom told all the kids to bring their Build-a-Bear's for a suprise. She bought them all Christmas outfits. The girls are a dress and the boys say "Santa's Little Helper" they were so cute and the kids loved them.

The boys playing Football

Our family. The kids wanted to play and not take any more pictures.

Little kids and big kids playing

The cute!

Adam, Sara, Karlee and Jace

Monday, November 24, 2008

Our house is ready for Christmas

We got an early start this year. We didn't plan on turning them on yet but since Aaron took all the time to set our 5 timers we decided to just turn them on a little early. There are a few areas we want to add something more but we will wait until we find a good addition.

Right side of yard

Left side of yard

Most of the yard
Full yard

Friday, November 21, 2008

Our new ride

We brought home our new SUV Mercedes last night. So today we moved our things into the new SUV and set up certain setting we wanted. After we got the car seats in we drove around the neighborhood showing it to my family. Hayden went with us last night to bring it home. The car salesman gave Hayden this bear for being so good. I thought it was so cute!

Emmie saying "Cheese" while Aaron gets her car seat in

Here is some pictures of the SUV

When you put it in reverse this screen automatically pops up so you can see if anyone or anything is behind you while backing up. I love it!!! I told the kids to go to the bumper and wave to me, they thought it was so cool. Katelynn was making faces at me.

There is some features that are different then most cars, so I told Aaron I wanted to drive it around for a bit to get the hang out of it while he was with me. I didn't want to be alone one day and not know how to work something. Aaron will drive this car more then me, so I wanted to drive it while I could too.

We are going to Disneyland

We got our tickets to Disneyland in the mail. We are so excited to go. We are going for Hayden's 4th birthday and we are excited to have friends and family come with us too. Once we got the package in the mail we let Hayden kind of open it since it is for his birthday. He has never been and he has no clue what's to come but he can't wait!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Merry Christmas to us!

Merry Christmas to us! Today we bought a Mercedes Benz 2009 ML320 BlueTEC SUV
Aaron has wanted a Mercedes Benz for years. I kept telling him I loved how our cars where paid off and I didn't want a car payment. So last year I told him maybe we could once we adopted again. Having kids cost us so much to get so I didn't want to buy another car and regret it. So since we got Emmie our car (Jetta) got too small. We loved to drive it to save money on gas because it got great miles. So Aaron looked more at Mercedes and saw they had a diesel engine like our Jetta but of course a lot better. So these last few weeks we have been really thinking about it, making sure we want a car payment, making sure we could get a car loan for some of the amount and so on.... Well, we test drove it today and we fell in love. This model is hard to find but they had one on another lot so we go to pick it up tomorrow. We are excited. There is lots of reasons we love this car...from space, the looks, the luxury, to the cool GPS, how safe it is, tax write offs, the power, built in media features, built in screen on dash to see when you are backing up, and lots of more! Here is a picture I found of it online. I will take more once we bring it home tomorrow!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hayden's 1st Primary Program

Today was our Primary program. Hayden is a Sunbeam so this was his 1st one. He did so good. He sang nice and loud. He knew almost every song and said his group part good too. I was worried he would get excited up there and misbehave or not be reverent but he was very reverent and listen to the instructions. I was so proud of him and of course I was crying through most the program. They were all so wonderful to watch and the Spirit was strong today in our meeting. Those kids have such sweet Spirits!

Soccer Games

Soccer is still going and the kids are getting better and better each week. We all can see a big difference from the 1st game. These little kids do pretty good and they are so fun to watch. Saturdays game Hayden scored 4 goals. He is getting pretty good at this game!

Hayden is number 5 in purple


Another good, fun game!

I made these for the team and emailed them to the parents