Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Morris Family Reunion 60 year anniversary

Every year we go to the Whiteriver to camp for our Morris family reunion. This year marks 60 years of when the Morris family (My grandpa, his parents and his 12 other siblings) moved from South Carolina to Queen Creek, AZ. 60 years ago a family of 15 moved to AZ and now there is over 500 of us!

Here are the signs as we arrived to the camp ground

The nights were so cold a few nights we had Paxton sleep with us so he stayed warm

During the day the kids loved to play in the river

my mom helping the kids catch baby trout
Hayden caught a Crawdad.....yuck!
Sara and I relaxing by the river

Kids playing with the crawdad

Breanna and Paxton

Look at all those kids in the back!!!! We took drives in the evening to Lone Pine to see deer and elk.

Paxton loved throwing rocks in the river

One day we went fishing at Cooley Lake. Adam , Ryan and the kids caught about 4-5 fish

Saturday we always play games together. We had to get into teams and make team flags, it was so fun.

Our flag was a pigeon to represent my Grandpa who raced pigeons

4 way volleyball


Hayden and Karlee at the talent show saying the Preamble to the United States Constitution

We had a cake and the end of the reunion the celebrate the 60 years