Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Kids School Christmas Program

This year the kids performed their Christmas Program at the Higley Center for the Performing Arts. Since there is so many kids they broke the program into 2 parts. Emmie performed the 1st part with the K-2nd graders. Hayden performed later with the 3rd-5th graders.

 Emmie with the other 1st graders

K-2nd performing last song together

Now the 2nd part of the program
Hayden with the other 3rd graders

At the end the 3rd graders sang the last song in the aisle and Hayden happen to stand right next to us

Hayden and Emmie after the show. They did awesome!

Our Elf of the Shelf

Meet Holly, our new Elf of the Shelf. Hayden has begged me for a few years now to get one and he couldn't stop talking about it recently. The night of his actual birthday we went out to dinner and since it was his birthday we went to the store and let him get one. He was so excited.

It blows my mind how my kids believe it so much. I get how they believe Santa because we told them from the beginning all about him but the Elf is something Hayden heard about from friends and we went to the store to buy it together. The fact we bought it would seem fake to me. Every morning Hayden runs in our room to tell us what the elf did, its like Christmas morning everyday for him. I keep thinking he is going to ask if its fake but he's more excited and loves it more then my younger kids. But I do love how it makes him so happy, so I am glad we got it.

Most nights I took pictures of what our Elf Holly did each night, here is some of the fun she had. 

Hayden turns 9!

For Hayden's 9th Birthday he wanted to have a Zombie Party. He told me this months before his birthday which was nice because during Halloween I looked for a lot of his birthday party stuff and even got some stuff after Halloween on clearance.   It really was a fun theme to decorate for and the boys loved it. 

The birthday invitation I made

Goodie Bags

Before all the kids arrived I got some photos

Jace was the 1st to come

 The boys ate Pizza waiting for everyone to arrive

Hayden's birthday gift from us.  We used it for a bit in the backyard.  We set up some cans to shoot. Hayden was the only kid who hit them.  He's a good shot!

Playing Games!

Present time!

Hayden's birthday was a few days after his party.  So that night after skateboard lessons we let him pick where ever he wanted to eat for dinner. He chose Sweet Tomatoes.