Monday, May 31, 2010

California Adventures

Day 1 of California Adventures
We just went for about 3 hrs this day to get one section of the park done while we had some extra time this day.

The kids dancing at the Playhouse Disney show

Hayden remembered going to the California Adventure Animation Academy last year and kept asking to go again once we entered the park. I was shocked he remembered it and even though I thought it was neat to draw with an artist I thought it would be the last thing he would be begging us to do. So we had to make sure we went again for Hayden. We drew Goofy with an artist and the artist gave Hayden his drawing. Hayden's is on the larger paper.

Day 2 at California Adventures
Our family in front of the R in the world California (R for Ray)

Hayden loves Goofy

Our favorite ride, the Toy Story ride

Us as Toy Story action figures

Goofy stole Hayden's hat and is wearing it

I love Paxton's face in this picture, it is like he is thinking who is this weirdo!
Pluto giving Hayden his hat back

Pixar Parade

Here is a clip of the kids having a blast

After California Adventures me met our friends the Horton's for dinner. We used to be in the same ward when Aaron and I were just married. They moved to San Diego several years ago and we hardly get to see them. Here is her blog post about our visit.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Disneyland (day 1)

We had 5 day passes to Disneyland and California Adventures. I took LOTS and LOTS of pictures as you can see but how can I not???? We had so much fun!

The boys dressed and ready for Disneyland!

As soon as we got there we saw several characters so we had to stop for some pictures. I saw some I have never seen out before. Emmie was too scared to take pictures with them.

Goofy walking by

Hayden and I on Thunder Mountain Railroad....My favorite ride!

Toon Town

Emmie in front of Minnie's house

I love Minnie's house. I could hang out in there all day. It is so cute and fun. I wish I had a play house like this. :) I think they should do a Disney hotel like this.

Mickey's house

Small World

Emmie is a cute Minnie Mouse

Paxton thought Emmie's skirt was cotton candy...LOL

The Street Parade. Hayden dancing with Woody. Hayden loves Woody so he was so excited he got to go dance with him.

(Hayden in white shirt and black hat)
Kids doing Conga line

Pictures taken on the Buzz Lightyear ride