Monday, November 21, 2011

Exciting News!

Exciting new! I was contacted a few weeks ago by a women saying she is doing a Deseret Book promotion for Christmas and wanted to use one of my prints. It's a print I made that I offered free on my site but they wanted to be able to print it and pass it out at all Deseret Book stores. Even thought I knew about this weeks ago I wasn't sure what was going on because they took awhile to contact me... for me to sign their release. The Business Affairs Manager from SLC's Deseret Book sent the release today for me to fill out and sign. So what's happening is the stores are getting ready to promote and my print will go in EVERY Deseret Book location across the nation during Christmas time. So if you go in their to buy something you should receive my print for free. I know they are passing out other people's prints too so I am not sure if you get one of all the prints or all the prints together.

Here is my site where they found my print

Here is the print they are going to use for the promotion

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Primary Program

Today was our primary program. Hayden and Emmie did a great job. This was Emmie's 1st primary program. Grandpa and Grandma Fuller and Grandma Ray came to watch. The kids loved having them there.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

California Adventures

The first ride we went on was Ariel's Undersea Adventure. The last time we went to California Adventures it was still being built so this was our first time going on the ride. I was cute and our kids loved it. Emmie was excited to see Ariel because she loves The Little Mermaid and Paxton loved all the fish, dancing and water effects. He talked about it for days. The kids liked it so much right when we got off the ride we got back on.

We were also excited to see they added a Phineas and Ferb street show. Hayden and Emmie love Phineas and Ferb.

Aaron and Emmie

Toy Story of the best rides ever!

The kids love the Disney Junior show and I was excited for Paxton to see it since Mickey is in it. He loved it!

Paxton trying to catch bubbles

It rained for half the day so I put my camera away and didn't get it out anymore. But we didn't let the rain stop us. As always we had a blast at California Adventures. The nice thing about this trip at both parks is there was hardly ever a wait at any ride, it was so nice!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goofy's Kitchen

We always have to go to Goofy's kitchen! Not only do the kids love it but so do Aaron and I. The food is real good and since we always go for brunch they have lots of food to choose from (its a buffet) and we get nice and full so we kill 2 meals at once. We also like how the characters come to our table to visit, play with the kids and pose for pictures. This is also nice for us so we aren't worried about seeing every character at Disneyland, we know we will get one and one time with them at Goofy's kitchen.

Paxton was a little nervous of the characters, he wasn't sure what to think. But like Emmie he was fine with the princesses because you can see their faces. When Baloo the bear from Jungle Book came to our table Paxton cried and Emmie jumped under the table. So he walked off and let Hayden come to him and just waved at Paxton and Emmie.

Paxton with his banana and Mickey pancake

Pluto trying to get Paxton to like him, by the end of our meal he did.

Hayden eating worms and dirt

The workers sang Happy Birthday to Paxton and gave him a cupcake