Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valetines Day

I am not that big of a fan of Valentines day. The only thing I liked about it when I was younger is when you would get those cards in Elementary school. For some reason those little paper cards were so fun to get. And when I was older (boyfriend or not) it still wasn't that fun to me. Too much pressure I think. I don't want stuffed animals! So once Aaron and I got married we decided we would just get each other cards and go on a date. A few Valentines days we did something more for each other but its because we want to, no pressure. This year he had roses delivered to the house. They were very pretty!

And I made him a bouquet of chocolate covered marshmallows which are his favorite. He loves chocolate covered marshmallows and I got an idea to buy the heart shaped peeps and dip them in chocolate and then put them on kabob sticks and stuff them in a vase of conversation hearts (which he loves too.) It tuned out pretty cute, it was so easy, it was very cheap and Aaron loved it.
Valentines night we ate at Lucille's at Tempe Marketplace. We had time to kill before our reservation so we went to Dave and Busters and played some games. We went with our friends Leah and Eric Lowe and shared a baby sitter that night. My aunt and uncle had a hotel that night and she was asking where she should eat. I told her about Lucille's so they met us there. The food was awesome and it was fun!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cousins and Best Friends

Hayden and Emmie are real close to their cousins. Probably because my parents have 8 grand kids all under 5 and we live close to each other. There are 4 boys and 4 girls, each of us kids (my siblings) have a boy and a girl each. None of this was planned, it just happened that way. Brent and Wendy will have a new baby girl soon so there will be 9 grand kids soon. Its never a dull moment. When they are all together they get so excited like they never see each other. Sometimes its hard at this age but as they get older I know they will have fun playing and growing up together.

Saturday (Valentines Day) we met for lunch and then all went to the park. We were there for hours and they just had a blast!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines!

Card I made for Aaron

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Special Delivery Snow

From our house you could really see all the snow on the mountains. Once I showed Hayden he really wanted to go play in it. I told him we couldn't because it was tax season and Aaron was too busy to take any trips like that right now. Later on I found him in his room sitting on his bed with a sad look on his face. I asked him what was wrong, it didn't look like he was throwing a fit or anything he seemed really sad about something. He said he just really wanted to play in snow. I told him again why he couldn't right now and then I went into the other room and called my Aunt Cinda who lives up north. I knew she was coming this weekend so I asked her to bring some snow for Hayden in an ice chest and I would surprise him. Well my sister Sara was up there visiting her and said she could try to bring some since she had a truck. She said the snow falling filled up half of the bed of her truck and before she left she topped it off with a shovel from the snow on the ground. As she traveled home it was melting fast, the truck bed was full and maybe 1/4 was left when she got here. But she came over anyway to drop it off. Hayden was excited and surprised! THANK YOU SARA!!!

Hayden starting a snowball fight with Sara....he lost!
Right when Sara was done dropping the snow off my neighbors kids (The Nortons) were just getting home from school. So Hayden ran down to them to tell them we had snow. They came over and played with Hayden. This pile last over an hour and a half with all the kids constantly throwing snowballs at each other. It didn't seem like a lot but it did last a lot longer then we thought.

Hayden and Sage building snowmen

Hanging out with old friends

Sunday night we went to one of my friends from college for Dinner. When I went to EA I made lots of great friends but as time has gone by you loose contact with a lot of people. Especially when back then Internet was just getting started and wasn't as big as it is today. But thanks to modern times I have found old friends and reconnected with most of then because of sites like myspace and facebook. Lisa and I met living in the dorms. We both met Jake through another girl and became friends with him and then Lisa and Jake ended up getting married. JJ was Jake's friend and he became friends with us. We used to hang out all the time, we saw each other everyday and did everything together. We always had a blast and laughed so much. I have lots of great memories with these guys. A few years back we had a get together at my house. At that point some of my friends I haven't seen for almost 10 years, so it was great to see them again. Since then we have had better contact and will try to get together. JJ was living in another state for college but he is back in Thatcher now. He came down this week and wanted to met up. So we met at Jake and Lisa's for dinner. We had fun and tried to plan another get together. We may try camping this summer on Mt Graham. I haven't been to Thatcher/Safford in so long and would love to go see how its changed.

EA 1994-1995

Lisa and Tami
JJ and Tami

Jake, Tami, Susan, And JJ cleaning up after going to the hotsprings
Lisa and Jake

Nice Sunday Rain

Sunday we had a great rain. I love when it rains especially when its a day you can just sit home and enjoy it! At one point it got really loud and Hayden got all excited and said there was ice. So we looked and it was hailing. It hailed a few different times and our grass looked like it snowed. Hayden was trying to catch it and eat it and Emmie wasn't sure what to think.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Emmie 23 months

Emmie's 2nd birthday is next month and this will be her 1st birthday with us. I wanted to start working on her birthday party invitations but I needed a picture of her. So today I let her play dress up in her room and I took pictures of her then. I thought these came out cute. She is doing better with picture taking. She used to shy away but now sometimes she will smile and say "Cheese!"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cardinals and the Superbowl

I am not a football fan but I was happy to celebrate the Cardinals making the Superbowl. You know....I got to represent my home state! :) Of course I would have loved to see them win, but at least they went and played good and it was a good game. It was probably the 1st Superbowl I just didn't eat and talk the whole time, I watched most of it. The kids had fun playing outside and eating and us adults watched the game and snacked on Adam's awesome nachos!

Hayden was excited to get his hair done for the game. He asks me all the time to make his hair different colors but I tell him only for certain occasions. So I thought I would get out the spray and do his hair for the Cardinals...he was excited!
Hayden got this little football at Dave and Busters a weeks ago. It plays a song and says "Let get'em Cardinals!"
Adam and Sara's house- after the Cardinals made that touchdown we thought we had a chance. We were glued to the tv.
Hayden, me and Katelynn
Hayden and Will

Its getting to the end and it doesn't look good!

We lost...oh well at least they made the Superbowl and they played well. It would have been worse if they were totally creamed.