Saturday, September 29, 2012

School Pictures

You would think since we were kids they would come up with a better and nicer way to take school pictures, but no they are always boring, not very good and over priced. But its tradition and I have to buy them. I always get the smallest package because I don't pass any out, I just use them to keep for memory sake. And I think the kids still look cute!

Hayden - 2nd grade

Emmie - Kindergarten

Parent teacher and Report cards

This week was parent teacher conference and the 1st report cards of the school year. I am one proud mom! These 2 are doing awesome in every way.

Hayden also got great grades and made Honor Roll, his goal is to get Honor Roll each grading period so at the end of the school year he gets any Lego set he wants from us. We made him a deal if he gets it each grading period he gets any Lego set he wants (under a $100.) We know he can do it, just some days he needs that little motivation.

Emmie has come so far, for years I've wondered if she would be able to handle going to this school and she is getting all A's. She has overcome so much and we pray she keeps up the hard work.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grinding it

"I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport." Tony Hawk

Monday, September 17, 2012

Our new camping trailer

Last week we found out a trailer/camping show was happening in Phoenix and since we planned on getting a new camper we thought it would be nice to go to see whats out there and to see if we could get something for a great price.  We didn't plan on buying something until early next year but thought if the price was right we would get something now. We told the lady helping us what we wanted and that bunk beds were a must. I hate having to take down tables and couches for kids to sleep on unless we really have to. There was several to choose from. We narrowed it down to 2 trailers. One had a lot better saving so we chose that one. In the end we saved 13 thousand.

 So here is our new camping trailer that we will pick up next week.  We are all excited! And the kids are excited to have bunk beds. I am ready for a camping trip.


Back has an Outdoor kitchen

The TV turns around so we can also watch it in bed. Under the tv is a fireplace
Kids bedroom

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Skateboard themed magnet board

I am slowly decorating Hayden's new bedroom in a Skateboarding theme. I am just adding things here and there so its not crazy. I don't like when people pick a theme and buy everything in that theme. I like to add accents and use matching colors as the main decor. I still have a lot to do but I made this so I thought I would share in case anyone liked it and wanted to do it too. It was so easy and cheap.

Skateboard themed magnet board:
I used a square piece of sheet metal (cheap and light for hanging) Before we added stickers we laid it on the ground and walked on it to make it lay straight. This also gave it a rougher look.
Decorated it with Skateboard stickers. Hayden skates a lot at an indoor skate park and gets free stickers off and on, and occasionally I will buy him some for his board or helmet. To get some extras for this board I went on ebay and bought some in lots and it was pretty cheap. Hayden and I sat down together and added the stickers,  he loved this part of making it. I left room for more he may get later.
Hung it in his room.
I bought magnets on Etsy here

They are Recycled Skateboard Deck Magnets. They are sold out in their Etsy store but I am sure you can ask them to make more and they will.

So now Hayden can hang his own papers and pictures on this board and not all over my fridge!