Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our New Truck

Memorial weekend we bought a new truck. We traded in our Mercedes because we didn't need two luxury suv's and I missed having a truck. Aaron has been thinking about trading it in for months and looking at cars. I told him the other night I just don't like any cars and I miss having a truck. I also missed my old Dakota, I had one before we were married and we traded it in for a cheaper car (not by choice) right after we got married. So he started to look at the Dakota's online and said he felt good about it. So we went in and got one. Its also a huge money saver for us. I am glad to have a truck back.

We bought a 2011 4 door Cherry Red Dodge Dakota

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hayden's Kindergarten Graduation

I can't believe Hayden finished Kindergarten, it went by so fast. But he is so ready for 1st grade. I just LOVE Hayden's school and feel so blessed he is in it. I know because of his awesome teacher and school he has grown so much and learned things he would never have learned at another school. He did things in Kindergarten that I didn't do until I was older and he even memorized the Preamble to the United States Constitution which I never learn at all. The last day of school he was tested just to see where he was at and he is at a 2nd grade level for his spelling. I know Hayden's a pretty smart kid but I also know he knows all this stuff too because the way his school teaches.

Graduation Day!
Hayden's class lining up

His class singing some songs

Hayden getting his graduation certificate
Hayden's teacher and the Principal
The best part was the end when they played a slide show of the kids through out the year. Miss Arnold takes lots of pictures, like me :), and had this long slide show of all these pictures to music. Towards the end there was a picture of each kids she took and it was so nicely done. She is mailing us a copy of the slide show sometime this summer and said in a few weeks she will have all the pictures on a website for us to download and keep for ourselves. I am so excited to get those, they were so cute! I was doing good through the whole graduation but the slide show brought me to tears.

Hayden and his teacher Miss Arnold

Hayden and the teachers aid Mrs Adams

His class sang several songs but this was my favorite, I added the words to the clip so you can tell what they are saying

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation Party

With Kindergarten Graduation coming up for Hayden and my niece Karlee my sister Sara thought it would be fun to throw the kids a graduation party but have it also for the 8other kids in our ward who were in their classes. So I sent out an invitation inviting all the kids over to eat pizza, play game and do a craft. We had it the night before their graduation and all the mom's seemed to think it was such a fun idea and the kids seemed excited. I was glad we did it, it was fun.

The invitation

Sara made hats for each kid

Cute cupcakes with Grad hats on them

Their school colors and red and blue so the decorations kind of looked like a 4th of July party

Pizza time!
Carson came later because at school that day he got hurt and had to get stitches, so his mom brought him over to join the party once he could come. We were so happy he made it.

I finally got the kids to sit still so I can get a photo after all the fun they had. I took this right after Brock left, so this is everyone expect Brock.

They had to have a silly pose!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ponto beach with the Horton's

Our last night in California we went to Ponto beach to BBQ with the Horton's. The Horton's live in Carlsbad and it was nice to spend some time with them while we were there. Apryl Horton and I met in our first ward after Aaron and I got married. We became visiting teaching companions and became close friends right away. Even though they moved to Carlsbad years ago we have stayed in touch since.

Right when we got to the beach we took some pictures before it got too dark.

The boys playing catch

Horton family- Apryl, Tim, Chance & Luke
Emmie, Hayden, Luke and Chance
Hayden and Luke being goofy!

Apryl and I

Tim and Aaron

Emmie blowing bubbles (if you look close you can see the bubbles in the air)

The kids roasted hot dogs over the fire

It was so nice to sit on the beach like this, I wish we could do this every weekend!

Legoland Water Park

Since we had a 5 day pass to Legoland we decided to go to the waterpark for one of the days. It is pretty small compared to waterparks here but it was plenty for the kids and they really loved the kiddie area. They loved how the water never got deep and the slides were perfect for them.

Hayden going down the red slide

Paxton and Hayden about to go down the yellow slide Emmie going down the slide

Hayden and Aaron having a water fight

Aaron getting soaked
Aaron under the waterfall
Hayden and Aaron about to go down the blue slide