Monday, June 25, 2012

New rental home

So after we figured out we wouldn't be getting the house we wanted to start looking at rentals. Our realtor was able to send us a bunch and I wasn't impressed by what was out there. There was only a few I would consider.  We didn't want to go any smaller then what we had now, we wanted to stay in Queen Creek and we wanted a pool. Well not a single house had a pool, so we decided we could go a summer without a pool.  My friend told me there was a rental home by her and I told her it was one I did like on the list our realtor sent us. We then found out this lady has been using this house as a rental home for years which we really liked. One of our fears was we would rent a home and the owner would lose it or sale it before we were done renting it. So looking at this home it had a lot of pluses so we didn't want to risk not getting it. We really didn't need a home this fast but we knew it would go fast. The 1st day it was free to look at we went in the morning and she said others were coming too and she was getting calls while we were there. We told her we were interested, when we got home we filled out her online application and she called us that night and told us she would rent to us.

We get the keys in a few weeks but won't officially move in to early August.  Since I am leaving a neighborhood where I know so many people and have all my family living by me it will feel weird to be away from them so it helps knowing my friend is living right around the corner of this new house. 

Here's a few photo's of the house I took off the site

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moving- Change of Plans

If you have read my previous posts (that are now deleted) I mentioned we were moving and posted pictures of the house we were getting. Well, we got some bad new last week that we have been trying to make work out but it didn't work out and we aren't getting that house.

It's such a long story but I will try to make it short.... back in the fall we got pre-approved to buy a home with just Aaron buying it and they said they wouldn't even look at my debt.  The reason why we didn't want my debt added is because I have 2 cars and this house in my name. They would see we already have a house and wouldn't give us a loan because they don't want people to buy and bail which we were doing. Well, this new house took 6 months to get approved to sale and once we got the approval we sent everything to our lender. Weeks went by with no bad news from him, we paid for a home inspection and were super excited to get this house. Last week he calls and says he can't give us a loan because they have to use my debt. He said months ago they weren't making him but now they are. When he called Aaron and told him this I just got sick but thought maybe someone else can do something. The next day we called other lenders and so did our realtor. After days of trying to make it work with 3-4 different lenders they all said NO because of the house we are in. A couple other loans we applied for wanted us to put way to much down and pay higher interest so it wasn't worth it. We are very upset, let down, frustrated and mad. Why did we go through all this????  Now, we are still moving because we are short selling our current home but we will have to rent for at least a year after this short sale closes before we can buy (so the lender said.)  Renting has me a little freaked out, Aaron and I have never been renters before. I bought my first place before we were even married. I don't know why I am so worried to rent, some things that worry me is not feeling settled in our home and our kids not feeling settled. Looking online for homes for rent I am not impressed about what is out there. But I have to keep telling myself....This all happens for a reason and renting for a quick year or so won't hurt me and renting will actually benefit us financially and help us get our cars paid off and get out of debt. Not only will rent be cheaper (if we would have gotten the new home or stayed living here) but also we won't be building a pool next year and won't put any money in this rental home. All that helps us a lot and I look forward to getting things paid off so when we can buy again we will be better off.  I knew there had to be a silver lining!

Aaron Playing with his Father's Day Gift

I got Aaron a new toy for Father's Day. It's only for him to play with but I knew the kids would love it too, they love to watch it and chase it. It goes as fast as a real car so its hard to catch. The car is a Traxxas Bandit VXL.