Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gilbert Temple Celebration

In late 2013 my mom got called to be on the Executive Committee for the Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration.  She was in charge of auditions for the dancers. Me and a few other family members helped out that the day of auditions. The actual celebration was just for youth and leaders called to attend.  But the committee members were allowed to invite some family. I was so excited to be able to go.  The day of, my mom called to say we get to sit in VIP, which was right in front of the Prophet. We were so excited because it was a once in a life time opportunity. 

(My mom on the right in brown)

(My mom on the left with black stripe skirt) 

Saturday, March 1st 2014
Day of it was real rainy and we haven't had rain in so long.  But before the celebration it stopped and seemed to be gone.  Minutes before it started it started to pore.  We were getting so wet.  But didn't want to leave so we could see the Prophet.

The white tent is where the Prophet would sit...we were soooo close!

Pre-show everyone excited for the Prophet to arrive.  There was nearly 12,000 youth.

President Eyring arrives 1st

And now the Prophet arrives!

The show was really good. Those kids kept going and danced in the rain.

These were Missionaries that were just called, about to walk onto the field for the last song. They keep looking at the Prophet.

End of the show.  It was a night non of us would ever forget!

I was soaking wet, I have never been this wet before in clothes!  But it was so worth it.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Valentines and Cabin Trip

My early Valentine's present. Aaron got me these two rockers from Costco. I've been wanting them since last year. I love them on my front porch and they are comfy!

Paxton made this at preschool

Paxton's Valentine's Card this year. He just loves seeing himself driving a Monster Truck! Hayden and Emmie passed out pencils with vday toppers, so no cute cards from them this year.

My gift for the kids Valentine's morning, they were really surprised.

And Aaron's surprise for me

But what we did on Valentine's day is go to the cabin. Since we had a long weekend my sister and I took our kids to stay at our Grandma's cabin for a little get away.

Right before we got to the cabin we saw deer.  We stopped and watched for awhile. Hayden even got on top of the car to take pictures with his tablet. 

That weekend they kids played outside a lot

On our drive home we stopped at the Salt River Canyon


 Looking at the river below

We stopped to also show the kids the crashed car that has been there before I was born. Its kind of hard to see but its redish by the bush.