Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hayden's Birthday Party Invite

For Hayden's 6th birthday he is having his party at the Sk8asylum. It's an indoor skate park here in Queen Creek. I can't wait for his party I know the kids will have so much fun. For his invite I wanted to do a skateboard theme. So I took him to an area around our house and took some pictures of him on his skateboard. It was fun taking these pictures.

Here are some extra's

I can't believe he is turning 6. I told him he isn't allowed to and that he has to stay 5. He didn't agree to that.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Putting our year supply to good use

I am going to first start off by saying This is for his own good As soon as Paxton could crawl we brought out this baby play area to keep him safe and out of things. He also walked so early that he would get into so much so fast. Recently he figured out that he can push this play area around and walk around the house with it. At first it was funny then it became annoying. I couldn't get anything done. So we needed something heavy to put around this thing to prevent him from moving it. I never really had this problem with Hayden but also he was my only child at the time. Paxton puts everything in his mouth and no matter how many times I tell Hayden and Emmie to keep there stuff in their room they don't. When Paxton walks around the house he grabs everything off the ground and sticks it in his mouth and doesn't even care if its gross. So to keep him safe and prevent him from pushing this play area around we had to stack some stuff around it. I am sure in no time he will find a way out. Hopefully when he does he is out of the phase of sticking everything in his mouth.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving was at my parents again this year. It makes it so nice to just drive around the corner in our neighborhood and having them live right there. We don't have to travel far. Before we ate Wendy brought something for the kids to do. They made their own butter. I don't know the whole recipe but with a glass baby food jar, a marble, cream and salt you shake it for maybe 20 minutes and its butter. We ate it on our favorite rolls and it was good and it was fun for the kids to do.

Kids making their own butter

Shake, shake, shake...

I didn't take any pictures during the meal...it was too good to stop for picture taking. But as Paxton finished his food I snapped this shot of him. He ate a lot! He loved it all.

Aaron's mom and Aaron
Bill and Grammy
Wendy and her pumpkin pie
Emmie's cute Turkey hair clip
Kids played with Grandma after our meal

Breanna and Paxton

After some more family fun and the kids craft we made this year everyone played football.
Street football
Hayden, Katelynn and my brother Brent

Hayden was after James

My brother Ryan throwing the last ball of the game. After Sara ran into Jame's car's side mirror and broke it they were done. All fun and games until someone gets hurt.