Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hayden's Small Stars Interview

So we heard Hayden was on the news again tonight...Mad we missed it. Someone in our extended family saw it. I went to ABC 15's site to see if they posted anything and they had this. They posted his interview he gave back in February. The video clip is super short....wish they posted the whole thing.

Small Stars: Hayden Ray has dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder

posted: 7:00 PM
Eight-year-old Hayden Ray has dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder.  However, if those dreams don’t work out, Hayden has a backup plan.
“A dentist,” he said. “Because you get to put shots in people’s mouths.”
Hayden showed us some of his moves in the bowl, and that’s when we realized we’ve seen him before. Hayden was a Small Star in 2011 where he was able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance (written by Tami....this parts wrong it was the Preamble). Back then, he was just learning how to board.
“I started when I was five,” Hayden said. “And I’ve been taking lessons for two years.”
In those few years, he’s learned moves like the heal flip, the kick flip and the method air grab.  Well, at least he hopes to learn those. “You get to do really fun stuff like drop in and kick turn. But what I’m trying to do is the axel stall and to get down and drop into the roll in right there,” he said pointing to another area, “and do the vert.”
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Paxton starts preschool

Paxton is starting his 1st year of preschool. He is 3 (almost 4) but both Hayden and Emmie started earlier. I feel like he is getting a late start, but not really. He will have 2 years of preschool before Kindergarten.  A few days before it started she had an open house.  Paxton was so shy but real excited at the same time.

Paxton and Mrs Kori

Monday August 19th

We went to the Disney store to find a Mickey backpack. They didn't have any so he wanted Spiderman.

Something funny that happen- Today was Paxton's 1st day of preschool while getting him dressed I showed him his shirt I was going to put on him. He was nervous about his 1st day and his outfit so he said "I don't want to wear that they will say he's the word guy" I guess he thought his shirt had too many words on it. I thought it was so funny, like any kid would think that. Its funny he thought that.

When we got to his school Paxton found his seat. Each kid had a paper to color of a letter, Paxton's was a P for his name.

 After I picked up Paxton he was all excited to tell me about his day. He said he learned He was excited about getting to do the treasure box when he comes back to class. And he was so proud of himself that he was never scared. I decided we should go to lunch to celebrate. Of course he wanted McDonalds (so he could just play!)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School

I think I was more excited at Meet the Teacher then the kids. They got a brand new school building and I was excited to see it. I love their school and I am so happy now they have a great new building! Because it was being built in the summer they had to push the 1st day of school back a few days to get more done. Somethings still aren't done but they are getting by.
1st stop was Hayden's classroom

Hayden and his new teacher

2nd stop was Emmie's classroom

Emmie's new teacher

Monday August 12th school finally started!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summertime Skateboard Lessons

Hayden was taking lesson's once a week and now he is taking them twice a week. We can see a big difference and he is learning so much.  Plus on most weekends he goes to AZ Grind for their open skate where he can skate the park without an instructor. Its great practice and fun for him.  Here is some updated pictures of him skateboarding and doing some tricks. I enjoy watching him skateboard, it so fun!