Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend visit with Emmie

So its been a month now of visits. We were told we had to do that before she could live with us. So the foster mom and I have been calling the case worker to ask when she can live with us and the casework is out of town. I emailed her today also asking what happens next and told her how well things are going when Emmie comes to visit. Hayden and her get along great and she really likes Aaron and I too. So we are ready! Hopefully it will be soon! She stayed with us this weekend. We didn't do too much but hang around the house. But we still enjoyed having her around.
Hayden showing Emmie what her new baby Elmo does. My friend Cortney got her the Elmo baby and she loves it!

Trying to get some more pictures of Emmie. She hardly ever smiles for the camera.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Classy Closet

We just got new built ins for our closet and I love them. It makes a huge difference. The builder of this house gives us this closet as big as some peoples bedrooms but they didn't put much in it so it was such wasted space. One day we may add even more things like this to the closet if needed but we are glad to get at least this much done. Now its time to fill it up with junk!



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ward Campout

We went to our ward campout this last weekend. It was a camping spot between Payson and Heber. The campout was Friday and Saturday but we went up Thursday. We got there to find several families came up early too and as even the night came more families kept showing up. Saturday night all the families were there and we had a fireside around the fire. The Bishop had us talk about family traditions as our ward campouts have come fun traditions for us. We had a blast that evening staying up late playing some games with other adults in the ward. The next morning we had a breakfast and played volleyball. My favorite part of it all is getting to know people in my ward better. Each Sunday and activity you only have so much time to talk and get to know each other so camping together really give you a chance to talk and become better friends. I left feeling good about the relationships that were made stronger. Even with Hayden he had a blast playing with all the kids and getting to know them a lot better too. This camping trip has built up my testimony. I know we are meant to live where we do. We at first never wanted to move to Queen Creek but had a strong feeling to. Selling our house was a risk in this bad market but it sold pretty fast, we love our new house, we love the neighborhood and we love our ward. This ward, neighborhood and community is awesome at caring for one another and I feel blessed to be around it all and raise my kids here. When I think about this community and all that's involved I feel the Spirit so strongly and I am so glad we moved here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why the name Emmie???

Some people have asked why the name Emmie and there is a story behind it so I thought I could blog it so it can be added to our journal. That way Emmie knows the story when she is older in case I forget the details. This isn't some awesome story just a long story where it proved to us Emmie was meant to be the name of our little girl.

1st off I wanted to name our girl something else. Aaron didn't like it and wouldn't' give in. Once I saw the picture of the little girl we wanted to adopted I then realized that name I wanted wasn't meant for her. That name didn't fit her at all. So I knew I had to think of another name. This was hard for me because I don't really like any girl names that much. I love boy names and I could think of tons I would love to use. So for a few days I would think of names I liked in the past and would ask Aaron what he thought. He suggested Emma because its a family name but I didn't really want it for this girl. I told Aaron one thing that stuck out to me is this name I liked in my early 20's. I used to watch a show on Lifetime where this women's name was Marie Elizabeth but her friend called her M.E., her initials for short. So when I was in my early 20's and not even married yet I used to think if I had a girl I would like to name her something with those initials and call her M.E for short. Well I started to think of that again and realized I couldn't do that because her middle name has to be Lynn because of tradition and it being my middle name too. So I started to think what if her name was just Emmie. I kind of struggled with it even though I couldn't get it out of my head. So one night in bed while I couldn't sleep I kept thinking about it. I didn't want to name her something that sounded made up. So I fell asleep and woke up a little while later not feeling good. I got up and started to read a magazine. I flipped to the back and saw advertisements where you could buy personalized items. I saw a bright green shirt that read "Emmie!" I was so shocked but excited to see it was a real name. So the next morning when Aaron and I woke up I showed him and told him I think its meant to be. So a few days later I was at my mom with several women in my family. I told them I wanted to know their opinion and told them the name. They all liked it so it made me feel better about it even more. A week later we were at a funeral and after the funeral we were outside. A lot of the kids where running around and this little girl ran by me and her mom yelled for her and called out her name "Emmie!" Again I was shocked but excited to here it out loud because the more I heard it around the more I liked it for sure. To even make sure I heard the name right I asked my sister in law Heather what that little girls name was (because I knew she was apart of her family) and she confirmed it was Emmie and also said she was adopted. All I could do is laugh because there was just too many signs to ignore. Since then I have seen about 4 more Emmies out there either from someone in a magazine, TV or a child someone else knows. So again those have been great for me to see and hear because it made me feel good about my original choice. I liked it but was scared to name her something weird that people could make fun of or kids make fun of. Then came the question how to spell it. I didn't want to do Emmy like the awards, I didn't want to do Emme because Jennifer Lopez just named her daughter that. So I went with the first spelling I saw in that magazine that I saw in the middle of the night. So that's the story behind the name EMMIE!


I wanted to do a post to show off these cute bows and flowers my sister has made me for Emmie's hair. She made me several a few weeks back and then her and I went to Hobby Lobby with some outfits in mind to match. She did a great job making them look so cute. I had no clue there would be so many but I am sure I will use them all. I am excited for Emmie to wear each one of these. To make sure they stay nice I clipped them to a long ribbon and pinned it to the wall. Thanks Sara!!!!

While shopping at Hobby Lobby for hair stuff I thought this peacock would match Sara's outfit. Yah, we thought it was a bit too much too. Who knows it might be in style someday.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hayden's 1st day of Preschool

Today was Hayden's 1st day of preschool. This is his second year of preschool. But this is a new teacher for him. He goes 3 times a week to a house in our neighborhood so its very convenient, and she lives across the street from my parents. His teacher is a real school teacher, which I love. Hayden's cousin Katelynn is in his class this year. I am sure they will have fun together this year. Today I had a Relief Society meeting and the meeting went over. I got home as soon as possible with only 2 minutes until school started. Well, Aaron already left to take Hayden so I missed taking him today. But when it came time for the class to be over I went with Aaron to pick him up. He was dressed ok, but of course daddy didn't do his hair, didn't wipe his lunch off his face, and he put on some old dirty shoes. It made me even more sad I wasn't there for him. But ooh well, its just preschool. I talked with his teacher after class and took some pictures then. He is so excited to be back in preschool. I am sure he will have a great school year!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Emmie's 5 day visit

It was time for another visit with Emmie but this time we got a long one. Her foster family had to leave town for a funeral. So she got permission from the caseworker to just let us keep her while they were out of town. So it worked out nice for us. We got her Wednesday and we will take her back tomorrow (Monday.) I tried to spend a lot of time at home so she could get used to our house. She seems to feel comfortable in our house. She loves the playroom and all the toys and she loves our pool. She slept great each night and just fussed a little for naps. She is so easy going, her and Hayden get along great, and she is such a sweet little girl. One of the first things I did when she was here is get out the toddler toys. Late last year I put away the toddler toys, things that were Hayden's but he out grew. She loved those toys so much and Hayden actually loved playing with them too with her.

One day my mom and I took the kids shopping at Gilbert San Tan Mall. We just went to the kids stores. She wanted to get Emmie a Build A Bear. So she got a bunny. Hayden helped her with the process and in the meantime a Batman outfit caught his eye. He wanted it so bad and he already has a bear so my mom bought him the Batman outfit. It was very cute and Hayden loves any Super Hero. Hayden has a Batman outfit for himself too so when we got home we took pictures.

Saturday we had some running around to do. I told Aaron I wanted to go to a few stores to look for some more stuff for Emmie. We have been slowly buying her all the things she needs. We went to Toys R Us because a friend said they were having a clearance on toys and clothes. I got her some cute pajamas and shorts for pretty cheap. And as I was glancing at some toys I saw this cute stroller. I didn't plan on getting her toys since we had so much already but this was so cute and she loved it from the moment she saw it. She loves pushing it all around the house and telling the baby shhhh.

New Jammies