Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hayden recovering

Now that the shock has wore off, all I want to do is hug my Hayden all day. He has been healing pretty good and maybe complains once a day about the pain. He seems to be doing great even though his face looks bad. He gets bored around the house because I won't let him play outside to avoid hurting his face again. But he has loved all the visitors and one day my parents took him to lunch and spent some time with him. He is doing great. His stitches come out soon and we are heading to Disneyland. I hope he will continue to look and feel better!

Day 3- Hayden was able to open his swollen eye for a second when he really tried.

Day 4- His swelling went down and his eye can open better but his face really turned yellow around his nose and eye.

Hayden with all his gifts and cards

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hayden's accident

Hayden had an accident Sunday evening. Aaron went to throw him into our pool as a joke and Hayden grabbed Aaron's shirt so he didn't fall into the pool all the way...his face hit the corner of the pool decking and Hayden's body went into the pool. Aaron and I both knew instantly he was hurt and as Aaron hurry and grabbed him out of the pool his eye was instantly closed shut and blood was everywhere. As I took a look at him I could tell his cheek had a gash in it and blood was coming from his mouth and nose. I couldn't think, I didn't know what to do so I called 911. I have never called it before and hoped I wasn't over reacting but I didn't want to risk him being worse then we could see. As I was on the phone with 911 I called my parents and they came over fast along with my sister. Then the ambulance, police and firetruck came. Once they heard the story and saw his swelling they were concerned and suggest taking him in my ambulance and strapping him to the board just in case his neck was broke. I was pretty sure he was ok that way but wanted to make sure we thought of everything. My sister in law Heather took Emmie for the night. Hayden and I rode in the ambulance to the ER. My parents, sister and Aaron drove to the Hospital. The 1st thing they did was a catscan. They made sure his neck wasn't broke and checked to see what was broke in his face. They had to keep him strapped in until we got the results back. We went back to our room with Hayden and he said he was sick. He started to throw up. Aaron had to turn him over strapped to the board so he wouldn't choke. We hurry and yelled for the nurses because he was throwing up a lot and blood was shooting out of his nose. After that they wanted to monitor him more so they moved him into another room and gave him an IV. Soon they came to the room and determined he had a broken nose but the good news was everything else was ok and his nose broken in the best broke but didn't move so he didn't need surgery right then. So then they wanted to get his stitches done. They did the stitches on his cheek and then realized he needed them on his swollen eye lid. They had to sedate him for the eye lid one because they had to make sure he didn't move at all. I was worried when he was sleeping but he needed it from all the stress and plus it was past his bed time. By time they did the stitches it was about 11pm. Around midnight we woke him up to see if he could eat with out throwing up. He did ok and then we got home around 2am. We had him sleep with us so we could keep checking on him. His right eye is swollen shut. His face will look pretty bad for awhile but we are glad he is ok. He had us really worried. Even though his face looks really bad he hardly complains about pain. So he is doing ok. The dr who did his stitches said to come in in a week to remove the stitches but we told him we are going to Disneyland. He said that is fine, so we go in Friday to remove the stitches and he said kids heal so fast that he should be ok for Disneyland.

Ambulance ride

Getting stitches and grandma holding Hayden's hand

After cheek stitches, before the eyelid stitches

1st day home. Hayden had lots of visitors. He was excited that people came over to see him. Several people came with treats, gifts, cards and dinner! We had neighbors, ward members and family come and Hayden was excited to see everyone. Lots of people were shocked about his face, but it really looks worse then he feels.

I love my Super Hero!

Tuesday (day 2) you can already tell his face is looking better. But I noticed his good eye is a little more swollen shut.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hayden riding his bike with no help

It has been a few day of practicing and Hayden has his bike riding all figured out. He can turn now with out falling and can start riding with out me standing behind him helping him balance. He is doing so good and he is loving it. He has been so excited to show everyone he can ride his bike all by himself.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hayden and no more training wheels

Last week Hayden begged me to take off his training wheels. I didn't even think he realized he had training wheels or what they even meant. I am thinking maybe he saw someone on tv talk about taking theirs off or a friend told him. I explained to him I didn't know how and that when daddy was done with tax season we will do it. So yesterday he reminded me he wanted them off again. I told Aaron about it. Aaron asked if I thought he was ready. Since Hayden was so excited about it I thought so plus his bike is short so I thought this would be the perfect bike to learn on. If he fell it wouldn't be far and his feet can easily reach the ground. So once we told him we were taking them off he was hugging us saying "Thank you! Thank you!" It was so funny to see how excited he was. So I made him wear his helmet and knee pads and Aaron helped him the 1st few times. Aaron held his neck and ran with him. Within minutes Hayden was doing it all by himself. He would start turning and stop so we told him to keep the wheel straight. So after about 15 minutes he was riding the whole street alone. He did so good and never fell off once. I was so proud of him and I am always proud to see how confident he is about doing new things. I wish I had his courage in my everyday life. Right now Hayden needs helps getting started on his bike but after we help him get going he does great. So the next thing we will work on is teaching him to get on and go by himself. After we went into the house he kept telling Aaron and I "Thank you so much for teaching me to ride my bike." It was cute!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a great Easter this year! It started on Saturday (before Easter) we always have an Easter egg hunt with the Morris family. We always do it at the dessert but with the rain we held it at a church. One of my mom's cousins did this egg of my Grandpa who passed away last Summer. He loved always being with his family and this was our 1st Easter with out him.

We have two egg hunts...Plastic eggs full on Candy for the little kids and a second egg hunt with real eggs for the older kids and adults. There is always a lucky egg that's hidden really well and who ever find it wins money that everyone pitches in. This year Hayden won the kids lucky egg.

Everyone running out of the church to find the real eggs

The boundaries get smaller and smaller to find the lucky egg. Everyone is looking in this one small spot that's left. The egg was worth over $60, I never win it. It was buried in the ground.
Easter Sunday we went to church and I took pictures of the kids in their new Sunday clothes and Easter baskets.

That evening we went to my parents for dinner. We also celebrated Austin's (my nephew) birthday. My mom did an egg hunt for the kids...they loved it!

Growing up my Grandma would buy Robbin Egg candy and put them in her grass by her trees when she knew we were coming over around Easter time and tell us an Easter bird laid the eggs. I always looked forward to it and loved finding those eggs to eat. My mom does it for our kids now. When the kids weren't around the Robbin Egg Candies got thrown in the grass and we told the kids they had to come see what was outside. They were so excited. They were stuffing their mouths and bags with the eggs.