Sunday, December 30, 2012

Brycen's Blankets

My friend runs a charity for her son Brycen who passed away a few years ago. It's called Brycen's Blankets and if you want to read more about it you can here

She is trying to collect 600 blankets for the Sandy Hook Elementary School Children. I recently went to Walmart and found some fleece ones in a bunch of cute prints for kids and they were less then $3 each, so we filled our cart to the top.  When I told my kids what it was for they got so excited to be able to help. They were so helpful when it came to finding different prints for boys and girls, helping me check out, getting them into the house and put into boxes, and they were so excited to deliver them to the Burrell's home.

 I was glad we were able to help them get closer to their goal (600 is a lot!) I hear they are doing pretty good at reaching their goal but still not quit there. If you would like to help either contact me or check out her blog above.

Hayden turns 8

We told Hayden since he was having a party after his baptism that we weren't having a regular birthday party for him. But we told him he could invite a few friends to go eat pizza and play games one night before his birthday. So Aaron and I dropped Emmie and Paxton off at my mom's and picked up Hayden's friends. He was so excited to go out with his friends. We went to Amazing Jakes and the boys played for hours.

My cell phone didn't take that great of pictures

all 3 boys on the wall

Keegan got the furthest up

Hayden's favorite part is playing air hockey

the next day was Sunday and his actual birthday. We gave him his gift from us which was an ipod touch. He was soooooo happy!

Uncle Bill bought him his 1st gun since he turned 8. It's just a BB gun but Hayden just loves it and was so excited to have one.


Growing up I spent a lot of my Thanksgivings at the cabin, but as we got married and had kids it got harder to do. But this year my parents wanted to try doing it again. I was glad we did, we had lots of fun.

Driving up we were looking for any snow we could find knowing there wasn't any at the cabin. The Rim had very little but decided to stop and let the kids play for 10-15 minutes. They still loved it.

Thanksgiving day

There always has to be a football game

I got a great picture of Hayden making a touch down but I bad picture of Tina falling down because my dad crashed into her

Tina crashed with Daylen and Libby

Us girls made a little Thanksgiving craft

The kids decorated Gingerbread men

I took a few pictures of my parents for them

One night Santa came to visit the kids, they were so excited.

Paxton had mixed emotions, he was excited and scared at the same time. But he made sure to tell Santa what he wanted

Grammy even got to visit with Santa