Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Family Snow Trip

Before it became officially tax season and Aaron gets too busy we wanted to make a fast family trip up north to play in the snow. The kids have been asking us for awhile but there hasn't been any good snow yet this winter until now. We drove to Payson and had lunch then drove to the rim to find a area we could pull off the road and play. We found a great spot, it had untouched snow and it went to almost my knees. We had so much fun!

Deer tracks

Paxton loved eating the snow

Emmie's small snowman

Paxton kept falling because it was so deep

Aaron attempting a snow angel

Once Paxton and Emmie had enough because they were too cold, they went in the car to warm up. Aaron and Hayden decided to play with their new guns.  They added their zombie target practice to the snowman they made.

Hayden shooting Aaron's new gun

The zombie target practice on the snowman they made.
Aaron and Hayden never shot the zombie in the head so I told them we would have died. Lets hope there never is zombies or we are goners!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Morning

Santa Came!

Santa left Hayden a new basketball saying his present was too big to bring in, so he left it in the back yard
Emmie got the DS she wanted
Paxton got the Jake and the Neverland Pirates ship he wanted
Santa brought Hayden a basketball hoop!

going through stockings

Present time!