Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Keeping cool

This summer hasn't been that bad to me until July. Its been real hot and humid. So we have been swimming in our backyard almost everyday. I love the pool, it keeps us cool and lets the kids burn up lots of energy. Hayden has been swimming all summer by himself and can swim everywhere in the pool with no help. He has been practicing diving this summer. Emmie was scared of the pool earlier this summer but now is so brave. She does great with just floaties and loves to go down the slide a lot. She also loves to jump into the water from the water fall when someone can help her climb on it.

Here is some pictures I have been taking off and on this month.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Eternal Family

Friday July 17th Emmie Lynn Ray was sealed to her family in the Mesa, AZ Temple.
It was a nice and sweet experience to return to the Temple as a family to add Emmie to our Eternal family. The Spirit gave me such a wonderful feeling that I feel even more blessed to be Hayden and Emmie's mother. I feel so lucky to have this blessing in our life and to know we are together forever. As we got to the temple Hayden was excited and asking where the Holy Ghost was. We told him he had to feel him not see him. As we entered the temple the kids were so calm and quite and soaking it all in. The sisters working there took the kids into the nursery and took great care of them as Aaron and I got dressed. Hayden said he got to watch a movie about being families forever. The sister watching the kids told me Hayden was as smart as a whip! My mom sat in their with the kids too. Before we went into the sealing room Aaron and I sat together in the hall talking and enjoying the love and peace the temple brings. We saw our family, friends and ward members who came to our sealing enter the sealing room and we left so much love. While in the sealing room the sealer told us that when Aaron and I got sealed it conditional and our kids being sealed to us in unconditional. It was such a wonder thought I have never thought about and how we know no matter what our kids will be take care of. Its just up to Aaron and I to live righteously so we can all be together forever. During and after the sealing Emmie had a smile from ear to ear and she kept giving us hugs. Hayden was super happy too. We all loved the experience and hope to be able to adopt at least one more child and do it again.

We noticed at the temple while going over our records that 4 years ago and one day sooner Hayden was sealed to us. I wish I would have noticed that on my family history records so I could have picked the exact date. That would have been neat to have Emmie sealed to us exactly 4 years after Hayden was. I was one day off!

Before entering the temple. Hayden and Emmie walking up to the Temple.

After our sealing.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pony Tails

While at the cabin for the 4th of July my sister wanted to make all the girls cute pony tail holders to match their red, white and blue outfits. She showed us how to make these pony tail holders. They are so easy! And after Emmie wore them during the 4th I really loved her hair that way. It was so cute and fun. I wanted more pony tail holders in different colors so I went to Hobby Lobby to buy up lots of 50% off ribbon and some pink tulle. Once I got home I made 2 set of 3. One that's pink and brown, hot pink and black, and light pink and white. I just love Emmie's hair in them and I am so proud of myself that I did them. I am not into making girly things, but since they are so easy I did it.

Emmie wearing the pink and brown set

Hot pink and black

Light pink and white

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Emmie's adoption day

July 9th 2009 we went to the Mesa Juvenial courthouse and had Emmie adopted to us. So she is officially Emmie Lynn Ray. It seemed to take forever to get to our court date but it finally came and the court process is so fast but sweet. It was so nice when the judge announced her new name and then said she was ours. My parents were out of town and couldn't be there for the adoption but Aaron's mom was able to make it. It was nice having her there.

Looking back in 2005. Hayden's adoption day when he was 7 months old.

4th of July

Every 4th of July our family goes to my parents cabin. We always have so much fun and the weather is so much nicer then it is at home.

We always go to the Showlow Parade

Hair ties we made for the girls. They were so easy to make and so cute!

Kids trying to get candy

Throwing water balloons at the Firetrucks

At the cabin on the 4th. The Cordovas and Pico came up. We had lots of fun playing horse shoes, BBQing, and ride the mule.

Sara pretending to run over Grandma

We love to go to Heber for the Fireworks. They have the best show in Arizona I have ever seen. And its so fun to go early and sit in the grass and play games as a family. We have a picnic and also they have activitys and food there.

Rocket balloons Cinda brought, they were so fun.

Aaron and Adam dancing to the DJ's music

Got to have the glow sticks at night!