Thursday, April 26, 2012

Suns Game

The day after tax season ended Aaron scored some awesome Suns tickets from a client. So we found a sitter and went to the game. We sat just 4 rows up from the court. We never have been this close before so it was neat to see all the small things that happen around you that you don't see in the higher seats.
I sat next to one of the cameras
#13 is Nash, the only player I knew
The Gorilla hung out around us almost the whole time
2 Cardinals players sat in front of us and everyone was getting pictures with them after the game. All I recognized was those dreads that hang out of his helmet. The Guy in dreads is Larry Fitzgerald.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend

The Saturday before Easter we went to the desert for the Morris Family Easter Egg hunt

First the little kids looked for the plastic eggs

The kids after getting all their plastic eggs

Everyone gathering to go find the real eggs

Hayden running out to find the eggs

Paxton can't stop eating candy

After the hunts we had some snow cones, it was just what we needed!

Easter Sunday

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Emmie's 5th Birthday

March 22nd Emmie turned 5. I wanted to make that day fun for her so I got a sitter for Hayden and Paxton and took her out to eat and we did some shopping. My friend Cortney came with us with her daughter who is also Emmie's age.  Emmie felt so special going out with out her brothers coming along. Her favorite part was going to Build-A-Bear and getting frozen yogurt.

Several days after her birthday we had a family party for her. Because of Tax season I decided to have the party during the week later in the evening so Aaron could come. We met at Peter Piper. We bought pizza and tokens and everyone had fun. Emmie loved her party!

 The invite I sent to family

Emmie wanted this doll really bad, she has been playing with her a lot!