Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July

We headed up to the cabin for the 4th again this year. That morning we went to the Show Low parade. This year it was cloudy so the weather was awesome. The kids had a blast getting candy and other cool freebies.

We spent the week having fun with family. The kids loved playing with their cousins, they would play all day. And of course they love to be around their grandma and grandpa.  My dad got one of these barrels made to make a train ride for the kids.  They want to make more but for now they were having fun with the one they have.

For fireworks we headed over to Heber. We always go early and have a picnic and enjoy the food they sell there too. This year my dad's friend brought this huge watermelon. The kids loved it and went crazy over it.

 The face's Paxton was making was cracking me up.

And to prove Aaron and I were there too, we took a snap shot of us too :)

I just got this new app on my phone that makes cute layouts out of your pictures, So I thought I would use it on some of my 4th of July photos. They are so cute.... the app is called BubbleFrame if you want it too.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Skate Camp

My friends Apryl recently moved back to AZ from Carlsbad. Her son who is Hayden's age also loves to skate board and has always wanted to go with Hayden since he knew Hayden's skate boarded at the indoor skate park near our house. Well even though they moved back to AZ they are over an hour away so we decided we would have Luke stay with us for a week so he could attend skate camp with Hayden. Luke and Hayden had a blast together and loved skate boarding together. It was fun for them to skate together because they were pretty much on the same level and helped each other out on new things they were learning.

Their first day of camp I took this picture as I dropped them off

After a day of skating Hayden still had his regular lessons that night. We asked if Luke could have a free lesson since they offer a free lesson if you have never been taught by them. So not only did they skate all day they both had a lesson that night. Afterwards we took them to dinner at Olive Garden. Both of them seemed to be a little tired before we even ordered but didn't think much of it. By time they got their food, they were out. They both crashed right there in the restaurant. We had to take a picture and I even sent it to my friend Apryl, her and her husband loved it.  The best way to describe this photo is "Skate or Die!"

After a good nights sleep the rest of the week they had a fun filled week of skateboarding. They even scored these free shades.

It was crazy sock week so the boys took white socks to decorate on Wednesday. Hayden's teacher Dylon decorated a shirt.

Hayden ended up winning the craziest socks so he won a free shirt.

My friend Apryl came to stay with us the last few days of camp so we went to watch the boys before they had to leave camp and snapped some pictures of them skating around.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer = Swimming

My favorite part of summer is getting to swim. We always have so much fun as a family. I am really going to miss this pool when we move. I just keep telling myself we will get a pool again when we buy a house and it makes me feel better. My kids love the pool so much and I love that they have it. It gives them something to do and they burn their extra energy so I don't go crazy.

Emmie being a cute little model

Me helping the dogs cool off