Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2012 Calendar

I found this cute calendar on Pintrest and had to make me one. It was all made on Photoshop and you can get the calendar templates here

On her site she did a wide range of photos, I thought it was cute but thought I would just make it easy for myself and use our family photos we just got taken. I still need to print them but I am excited to print one for my fridge and one for Aaron's office.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family photos in California

When we went to California last month to take the kids to Disneyland I wanted to get our family pictures taken on the beach. We needed updated family photos plus I wanted to get them done for our Christmas card. Aaron's cousin who lives there wasn't able to help us take the pictures like she did a few years ago. I asked her if she knew of a photographer that I could hire and she gave me a friends name. The photographer was great! She took us to a beautiful beach, her prices were real reasonable and she went the extra mile to make our photos nice. Taking family photos can be so hard but this time it was pretty laid back and we had a fun time. I had to keep telling the kids to stop playing in the sand and finding shells and smile and towards the end Paxton wouldn't smile because the waves were making him nervous. But overall it went well and I thought they turned out great. Here is some of our photos.

November 2011
Laguna Beach, CA

Hayden's 7th Birthday

Hayden's birthday fell on a Friday so he had to go to school. When he got home Emmie and Paxton had a balloon and his favorite candy waiting for him. He was so excited.

That night we took him out to dinner and he chose Famous Daves

Then we took the kids to Build-A-Bear and let them pick out an animal and one outfit. We had a fun night and the kids loved it! (forgot my camera so I just had cell phone pictures)

Hayden chose a dog, Emmie chose Hello Kitty and Paxton chose a monkey

When we got home that night we gave Hayden his birthday present from us. He wanted this Lego Ninjago set really bad.

The next day was Hayden's birthday party. Hayden had his birthday party again this year at Sk8 Asylum. This is the invitation I made.

At his birthday party we had an instructor for half the party and the owner was helping us out too. Hayden takes skate board lessons here now and the owner knew what Hayden needed to work on so he gave him some one on one time and Hayden got some new tricks and techniques down.

The kids watching Hayden drop in

Hayden in the pool

Zach and Hayden


Keegan and Brock

Hayden and Keegan

Austin giving it a try

Present time

cake time

The kids were using the real big drop in as a slide

Hayden thought his birthday was the best!