Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bath time (8 months old)

Paxton + Bath time = CUTE and FUN!

Oh no...he has started to try standing up in the bath tub

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paxton's blessing

We held Paxton's blessing at church on Sunday July 18th 2010. We couldn't give him a baby blessing until his adoption went final and we decided to do it the weekend of his sealing. It feels good to have our precious Paxton sealed to us and now blessed by his father.
Lately Paxton will not look at the camera, he is too busy checking everything out :)

Sacrament meeting was about the Priesthood and we had great talks on it. We even had about 20 men from our ward sing "Because I have been given much." The Spirit was so strong. It was neat to bless Paxton (which is a Priesthood blessing) on a Sunday Sacrament meeting was about the Priesthood. It makes me so happy to have a worthy husband who honors his Priesthood.

Paxton's sealing

Paxton's sealing invitation

Friday July 16th we had Paxton sealed to us. 5 years ago on the same date Hayden was sealed to us. And we were one day off from having Emmie sealed to us one year ago. Emmie was sealed to us on July 17th 2009.
Before we went into the temple we took a few shots of the kids. Man! It was so hot and humid but I got the kids to smile for me a few times.

I just love going to the Temple and its so awesome to go in as a family. Its so neat to have Hayden and Emmie there to witness the sealing of Paxton to us making our family complete. I know Hayden realizes whats going on a lot more then Emmie. He knows going into the Temple is special and he thinks its so neat. They have a nursery for the kids to hang out in before the sealing and the kids just love it in their. Every time we have gone my mom always sits with them too. While in the nursery the kids also got to see and play with some other kids that used to be in our ward. Matt and Sariah Lawes who used to be in our ward was their having their adopted daughter sealed to them. Talking to Sariah Lawes online a few weeks before we had no idea we scheduled our sealings the exact day and time. It was neat to see them there for the same reason we were and we had some time before the sealing to chat with them. After wards we got to see Sariah's parents who also used to be in our ward and Matt's parents which are in our ward now and his dad is our Stake President. We had a handful of family, friends and ward members come to Paxton's sealing. I was happy to see each and every one of them there! I was happy my friend Leah Lowe made it even though she just went through her second round of chemo. It just always warms your heart to see people you know and love in the temple, it gives you a little piece of Heaven on Earth.

Walking out of the temple as a complete Eternal family!

In the temple Paxton was perfect and so cute like always!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Too cute and funny not to share

I was laying on the couch playing with Paxton for awhile. He was trying to move around a lot but there wasn't many places for him to go. After awhile he sat so nice with me and we played with a toy together. As I went to get off the couch I stood up and leaned down to pick him up and I saw that he was being swallowed by the couch cushion. It looked so funny and he didn't even care he was just laying there. I had to grab my cell real quick to take a picture, it looked so cute and funny. Sorry baby boy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July weekend at the cabin

I didn't take my camera out that much while at the cabin. I mainly just took pictures of the 4th of July parade and fireworks. But I managed to get a few shots in of us just hanging out around the cabin.

I took Paxton to the play area. I sat him in this bench but he would not look at me. He wanted whatever was on the ground.

Finally he looked at me :)
Paxton playing with some of the toys under the swing set playset

We took the kids for a nature ride. We saw at least 14 deer, we lost count after 14.

Paxton kept crawling to this table and standing up holding onto it

Grandma bought these army guys for the kids to play with, Hayden was in heaven.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heber's 4th of July fireworks

Every year we go to Heber, AZ for the fireworks. We always leave hours before it gets dark to get a spot in the baseball field. We usually bring things to do to kill time but also as we sit there as a family we have fun just hanging out. We also go to the different booths they have and get yummy treats. Heber has such great fireworks and I always love the weather. Here is some pictures of us just waiting for the show to start.

Emmie and Jace dancing to the music the DJ is playing

Thanks Aunt Cin Cin for the snow cone!
Paxton loved the grass
Papa holding Paxton
Paxton playing with Grandma and Papa's dog Abby
Brendan doing a good job keeping the kids happy
Mmmmm blue bubble gum snowcone

Emmie and Grammy
Aaron wearing his Bill O'Reilly shirt

Got to have glow sticks! This year I found some that had flags on them so I brought those for the kids.
I let Paxton play with Emmie's for a little bit

Benslee playing with Paxton

Fireworks were great. Paxton liked them, I was a little scared they would be too scary for him but he just watched them like nothing. Best part was the 4 firework finales!