Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hayden starts Flag Football

Like Hayden doesn't have enough to do between school, Skate board lessons and his music class he started flag football. The nice thing is its only 5 weeks of games held on Saturdays so it doesn't take up much time and he has a blast doing it. Our neighborhood has a sports club so the games are held in our neighborhood and the cost is so cheap, its crazy not to let your kids do it if they want to. Hayden did flag football last year at this time and loved it. It was his 1st game this last weekend and I can tell a huge difference from last year, he is doing so good! He was doing great at trying to really get those flags and stopped several touch downs. He even made 2 touch downs himself.
The beginning of this play is almost a fail but Hayden pulls through and makes a touch down!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hayden made Honor Roll

Hayden made Honor Roll for the 1st time, he was so excited to tell us. I was so happy for him. He works hard and is so smart. Hayden is such a great kid and we just love him so much!

Hayden the Toothless Freak

Meet the "Toothless Freak." Hayden lost his 2nd top tooth last night and he was so excited! A few weeks ago he said he couldn't wait to loose it so he could be a toothless freak. I asked him who told him that and he said no one did, he made it up. So I guess he wants to be called the toothless freak... Ha Ha Ha ..... Whatever!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Day

Around noon Aaron's dad came to our house to visit. We then went to my parents for lunch and Aaron's mom and dad were invited. After we ate we opened some more gifts. We first opened some from Aaron's mom and then the kids opened some gifts from their Uncle Steven and Aunt Tiffany who live in Idaho.  They got them matching capes with their names on it and on the other side it a Superman cape. They are so cute!
 Then we started to open gifts from my parents.

 My parents got all the grand kids new suitcases which they all needed so bad. When they were little she got them the tiny ones which were great when they were babies and toddlers but they really needed kid size ones now.  Even though they weren't a toy to play with the kids were real happy to get them. Hayden and Paxton got blue and Emmie got a pink and white polka dot one.

Later that evening we went to Aaron's moms side of the family (The Stapley side) for their Christmas get together. We always meet at Aaron's aunt's house, Jannette, and everyone brings a true gag gift. Its always lots of fun.  Aaron's uncle took this picture of us before we left. If you can't tell, we are soooo tired. It was a long Christmas day but a great one!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning 6:00am

Aaron and I wake up the kids, Hayden and Emmie are ready.....
Paxton is still trying to wake up

walking out to see what Santa brought
All that Hayden saw for him was a note from Santa and he started to cry before he read it thinking Santa didn't bring him anything. I felt bad for him, we hurry and told him what the note said. His present was in the garage because it couldn't fit in the house.

He LOVED his skate board ramp!!!!

Emmie got a doll house

Paxton got a rocking horse that makes horse sounds, it sings a cowboy song and his mouth and tail move. He loves it!

Everyone going through their stockings

Present time!

I think Hayden is excited about his new Wii game

The kids got assories for their Build-A-Bears

All done opening gifts

Hayden trying out his new ramp

After this we all went to my parents for breakfast. Everyone had a great Christmas morning!