Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leah Lowe

My oldest dear friend Leah Bowles Lowe passed away Saturday October 29th 2011. She had been fighting cancer for awhile. At one one point we thought she won. Then it came back. After her bone marrow transplant several months ago she never officially got back to normal. She would take a step forward then 10 steps back. It finally was time for her to be on hospice the end of this week and let her go in peace. Late Friday night Aaron and I went to the hospital to be with Leah one last time. My time I spent with her there was so good for me to be able to sit by her side, hold her hand and allow myself to except she was done and she needed to go so she could finally rest in peace.

I met Leah when I was about 5 years old. We lived down the street from each other until we both moved out as adults. She is a friend who would do ANYTHING for you. We had so many fun times as kids, teens and adults. It was never a dull moment with Leah. There is so much I want to say about her. I have 100's of great memories of her but right now I just can't sit here and type them out. It's hard to put things into words right now. I will sit down soon and type up all I want to share and say about this great friend of mine. I pray that the Lowe and Bowles family will feel God's love and comfort at this time. I miss you already Leah!

Trunker Treat

Friday night we went to our wards Trunker Treat. Before we left I took a few pictures of the kids in their costumes. The kids had a blast trunker treating.

Emmie showing off her wings

Saturday, October 29, 2011

AZ State Fair

Every year we go to the AZ State Fair, it's a family tradition. We have been doing this for many years. It started with my grandparents taking my parents, then my parent's taking us as kids and now we take our kids every year. We always have so much fun as a family and we all LOVE the fair food!

My kids are their cousins on the coaster

The kids love these swings that spin around

Eating Frybread


We LOVE the petting zoo!!!

This goat was trying to eat my jeans

The 3 little pigs....they were so cute!

Emmie and Karlee brushing the goats

Nanners and Pax
My mom took my kids on the Ferris Wheel

Dance Show-Katelynn and Austin went up with some kids. Austin (who was called White Chocolate) was in a dance battle against this guy.