Monday, January 31, 2011

Sew in Love

A year ago me and my sister split the cost of a sewing machine. We both wanted one but didn't need one for many things and since we live by each other we figured we could share one pretty easily. Well, since we have bought it the machine has been at her house. If I needed something done I would just have her do it for me. Well, I ended up taking it the other day and I can't stop sewing. At first I fixed somethings that needed to be fixed then I went to trying simple projects. Its been so fun and almost every day I look for something else to try. I saw this pillow on a blog and had the idea to put this cute heart on a shirt. I found a stained shirt of Emmie's then found a piece of fabric that I had that matched and put this together. I folded the fabric in half and cut it into a heart.
I laid 2 hearts on the shirt so when it was done it would fray more. I sewed 6 lines down the heart.
Then I cut the fabric all the way up between stitches. After more washes it will fray more. To get it to fray a little for now I sprayed the heart with water and threw it in the dryer for 20 minutes. When Emmie got home from preschool I had her try it on, she loved it.

Here is the blog I got the idea from

Paxton learning to jump

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My silly boys make me laugh!

Photo shoot & my 1st Video

I took my niece and nephew out Sunday evening to take some pictures of them. Its been awhile since they have had some pictures done and for months my brother Ryan and I have tried to think of a good time to take them out for some pictures. We drove just down the street to this pretty green grassy field and got some great shots of these cute kids. When I got home and put the pictures on my lap top it was some super easy editing and I wanted to play with them more. I have always wanted to make a slide show movie so decided to give it a try. It was a lot easier then I thought. Once I had it all done I uploaded it to and sent it to my mom and brother to check it out. They were surprised and loved it. Here is some pictures of my cute niece and nephew Brooklyn and Austin.

Here is the video I made of them on Youtube

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hayden's 1st Flag Football game

Hayden has been playing soccer for a few years in our neigborhood sports club. This year they started flag football. He was real excited to play football. First thing I noticed was their is a lot more to know for football and extra time and effort that has to come from the coach. He has to talk about all the position, what they do and have plays ready for the game. Today Hayden was excited for his 1st game. He listen great to the coach and would do his plays but I could tell when it came down to the exact moment where Hayden was suppose to either run or grab a flag you could tell he had this confussed look on his face for a second. It was like he was thinking "what am I supppose to do???" and then he would do it. In soccer you just try to kick a ball and with football he had different rolls and he had to keep thinking. At half time when he was taking a break he told me "This is harder then it looks." But he did great, you couldn't tell at all he thought it was hard. And he even scored a touch down.

Before his game. His team is called the Jackhammers.

Hayden (in the black hat) making his touch down

Hayden going after the player with the ball

What a fun game! Hayden did great and his team won.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Lowe's finding Joy in their Journey

My friend of 30+ years Leah (Bowles) Lowe was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma back in June 2010. At that time she was the bread winner as her husband decided to change careers and went back to school. She underwent 6 months of chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant. And thus far, it's looking good.

Recently, her family was nominated and chosen by an organization called "Memories of Love" to receive a Walt Disney World Vacation package! They are providing hotel accommodations and Park Passes. However, they do not cover the travel expenses to get from Arizona to Florida or food. So originally they thought it was a dream come true... until they realized how much it would cost to get their family of 6 to Florida.

Leah has gone through so much... and like one of her friend's recently said- she's pretty much "a walking miracle!" We're so glad she is still with us, and want to be able to help send her family to Disney World... so they can enjoy some happy memories together as a family. (Leah and her husband have 4 children.)
A paypal account was set up by another friend that people can donate to. It's probably going to cost somewhere between $3,000-$4,000 to get the whole family down to Florida. But we were figuring that if we could just get the word out... maybe her friends could each chip in a little... and maybe our friends can chip in a little... and we can make this dream come true for her!
(P.S. If you know her kids, you're not allowed to tell them this is a possibility! This is going to be a surprise!)

So... please help us spread the word and raise funds to send Leah and her family to Florida!

Here's the link to the paypal account:

I also thought I would help her by donating money I make off of my Family Proclamation Pictures.

(Click on add to enlarge and read details)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sick of being Sick!

For the last 2 weeks someone has been sick in our home except me. And everyone got something different which was weird. Everyone seems to be back to normal and I hope this means we are sick free for awhile. I was praying so hard I wouldn't get everything everyone got so I could take care of everyone. Paxton still has a cough but is doing much better. The breathing treatments help him a lot and now he is getting used to them. At 1st I would have to hold him tight on my lap and he would scream. Now he can see it isn't scary. And thank goodness for this machine now he (and I) can sleep so much better.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day at the park

With the holidays and cold weather its been awhile since we made a trip to the park. There was no school today (MLK day) so me and my sister-in-law met at the park so the kids could play. We had a picnic and the kids played for hours. It hit me as Paxton walked to the playground part himself that this was his 1st time playing on a playground. At 1st he walked to the sand and just sat down. He sat there for awhile just playing with the sand. Then once I took him on a few toys he liked it. With our help he played really good and had fun for a sick little boy.

Paxton riding a snail
He was afraid he would slip off

Hayden sliding across the bar

Paxton ready to go, he wants out of Hayden's arms

Me and my cutie boy

My kids and their cousins playing at the park
(ignore Wendy behind Paxton holding him on)

Paxton playing with Hayden's hat

Emmie loved hanging upside down