Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hayden's Pinewood Derby

Hayden's Pinewood Derby was early this year which was nice because Aaron wasn't too swamped at work to help Hayden and be there for the race. Hayden made a black car with fire decals but the day before the race they made him move his weights from the bottom to the top which hid most the fire decals. He was pretty bummed. I should have taken a picture before they did that.

Hayden ready for the race!
Hayden with his friend Bo

Screen showing Hayden got 1st on one of the races
Hayden was having so fun!

 Award time

Hayden got 1st on a few races but didn't win overall. But he didn't care, he had a blast!

Here is a clip of one of the times Hayden got 1st place

Happy New Years!

On New Years we usually just hang out with family. This year we decided to go eat dinner with no kids. We went to Olive Garden by our house. My cousin is manager there and she was working that night. She hooked us up with free appetizers and drinks. My aunt Cinda also brought us all gold and silver bead necklaces. We had fun! I asked our waitress to take our picture after our dinner and they came out so blurry. But this is all I have.

Afterwards we all picked up our kids from home and took them to the desert with us. Some cousin of ours were already out there with a fire going. The adults played with fireworks while the kids played with sparklers. We planned on staying until midnight but around 11:00 the kids were just so tired. They never stay up late.

Its tradition to burn our Christmas tree on New Years.  Its crazy how fast it burns. Paxton wasn't too happy, he said "I am sad, now we have to buy a new one." I guess he didn't realize real trees die and you buy a new one each year.