Thursday, January 29, 2009


4 years ago I got LASIK done and even though it was super creepy and felt weird I was glad I did it. Well, these last few months my eyes have been bothering me. I called a tax client of ours who is an eye Dr just to get her opinion...I told her my eyes get real cloudy and are sensitive to light. She told me I should come in. Well, every test was fine but my eyes were real dry, which I have never had before. So she told me to take eye drops and get on fish oil. Which oddly enough my family Dr just told me to take fish oil too for my cholesterol. So that worked out! But while I was there she said while doing the test my eyes have gotten a little bad and I see better with a prescription. I was so mad.....I don't feel like I can't see but once I saw thru glasses I could tell. So I got glasses and sunglasses for driving. I will only use the glasses for when I am really using my eyes, like reading, computer, TV, and driving. I don't feel like I need it all the time. Plus the weird thing is before LASIK I was near sided and now I am far sided. So the surgery worked, just I developed something new which can happen. Ooh well! Ooh and by the way, I am keeping my designer sunglasses and will wear them when I am out and not driving, so nobody ask if I am just giving those away. Ha Ha!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Our lettuce has been growing like crazy and now we are eating broccoli too. I had a few broccoli plants I let get too big and I had to cut them and toss them. We ate broccoli with our dinner the other night and it was GOOD! I can't wait for our carrots. We have lots of them but they are too small to pick. Hopefully within a few weeks they will be good to go.

My garden out of control broccoli

Lots of carrots

I dig up a little bit of dirt around the top of the carrot to see how big it is and to see if its worth picking yet...still needs to be bigger.

Emmie's hair

Every day Emmie wears the same hair style. Her hair isn't growing that fast so I don't have many options. I have never really had to do little girls hair before so I also felt clueless on what to try. Today I attempted to do pony tails. I did 2 side ones and the hair was just falling out all over the place. So I thought I would try this. It was uneven but I didn't want to redo it. Emmie seemed to love it, she kept smiling at herself in the mirror. I can't wait for her hair to get a little longer so I can learn other things to try on her hair.

I put these clips in her hair, it helped it not look so uneven
Emmie loved her hair!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Big Day for Emmie!

Emmie ate with a fork! Sometimes Emmie can't do the simplest things. Sometimes I don't think she was ever taught how and when we try to show her she gets so upset that she shuts down. Today she seemed to be in a happy mood so I thought I would teach her. She was having fun with it. I am glad I tried it with her today. I grabbed my cell phone and recorded a small clip so I could send it to Aaron.

When we got Emmie she was pretty behind on everything. She is still struggling with a lot of things. She can't talk but she is doing a lot more babbling, baby talk and noises now. She just started Occupational therapy on Mondays to get her on track with the every day things a 2 year old should be able to do. She will start Developmental therapy on Wednesdays and she still needs speech therapy but I am waiting for that therapist to call and tell me her schedule. So we are going to be busy with that for awhile but she needs it and I am excited to see how she grows in the next year. The good thing is these therapist come to our home, that makes a huge difference.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

ASU Basketball Game

Aaron and his 2 brothers David and Adam went to an ASU basketball game and they took the kids. Before the game I was watching my niece who was going to go too. I remembered I had an ASU cheerleaders outfit that I knew would fit her. So before the game I got her dressed up and Hayden put on his ASU stuff. They looked so cute I had to get some pictures of them before they left for the game. I don't have any pictures of the game but I heard they had a blast and Sparky even came up to them during the game and gave them all high 5's. Hayden was excited about that.

Hayden wanted to pose and show of his muscles
Then he does this! I couldn't stop laughing. I don't know where he saw that from or who taught him that. He was kissing his guns!
Hayden had one more wardrobe change. He decided to wear this to the game instead.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tax Season has begun!

I am in denial I think, but tax season has begun. It is Saturday and Aaron is at the office. Today is the 1st day people can efile so those who already have their W2's are wanting their refunds ASAP! I know this is how we make our living and I really can't complain. We are blessed to have this great business that does so well. Its a great job for Aaron because he just loves it and not many people can say they love their job. Also once tax season is over he is home a lot and most men can't do that either. Until late April we have no life! So I keep reminding myself things will just be crazy for a few months and then its all good. I just miss Aaron a lot and miss having a life when its tax season.

We had our meeting the other night before it gets crazy. We took a picture of the men who work there. We are still working on our website and Aaron started up a facebook for Fuller's Tax Service to help us stay a little more connected with our clients who are interested.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My new toy for Christmas

I got a Flip Video for Christmas. But I actually got it before Christmas because we were going to Disneyland and Aaron thought I would like to take it. I have seen these before and thought they sounded cool. I almost asked for one last year but then wasn't sure if I would use it enough. Well, the more and more I thought about it I thought I would enjoy it. Its a small video recorder great for recording clips, it can record up to an hour but you want to keep things in clips. Which is better any ways to me. So I have been recording stuff since Disneyland and never put them on my computer yet until last night. I love this thing. The sound and picture is so clear. Its so easy to use and put on the computer. I am really glad I got one and it is great for catching those fun moments. I also plan on embarrassing my kids someday with all their funny videos.

Here is some of the highlights of what I have recorded. Once they are on Youtube they aren't as clear like if you watch them straight from your computer, but they are easier to send out this way. Click on the links to watch them.


Character breakfast at Disneyland. Emmie didn't like the characters as you can see but we all had fun!

Christmas Morning

Hayden and Emmie dancing before bed time

Snow Trip

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Aaron's birthday

For Aaron's birthday we went to Dave and Busters at Tempe Marketplace. We went a few days before his actual birthday. We had family meet us there. We had a fun dinner in their restaurant and we had our own room, it was nice. After the food we played lots of games. Aaron seemed to really enjoy his birthday!

Aaron and Hayden playing a game....I swear this game is gambling for kids.

Adam scoring tickets! This game was every ones favorite, we would win lots of tickets.

Sara and her tickets!
We were addicted to this game!

Emmie is tired and ready to go home!

After Dave and Busters we went for Ice cream. We walked over to Cold Stone. Hayden took these flattering pictures of Aaron and I.

Us hanging out after ice cream before going home

Sunday was Aaron's actual birthday. After church Aaron opened his gifts from me and the kids.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Aaron!

I knew while dating Aaron I would love him before I was in love with him. I knew he would be a great husband, father, worker and man. After 8 years of marriage he is all I knew he would be. After a few years into our marriage we knew having children was going to be hard for us. It broke my heart because I KNEW Aaron would be a great dad. He is so good with Hayden and Emmie. He loves to be with them, he loves to teach them, he loves to play with them, he loves to make them truly happy.

I love you Aaron! My favorite things to do always involve being with you.