Sunday, March 30, 2008

Future Accountant

When we were kids me and my siblings would play in my dad's tax office when he wasn't there and play "taxes." We would take tax forms out of the trash and pretend to do each others taxes. We loved playing in that office. Well now its another generation of that. Hayden went to the office with me yesterday. He told me he wanted to do taxes. And when clients walked in he wanted to help them check in for their appointments. At this rate maybe we can really get him working around the office in a few years...Ha Ha! So yesterday I took some tax forms that were garbage and let him write on them. He had fun, and of course he made his daddy proud.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Playing Hookie

Today I had a Dr's appointment and by time I got done I knew I wouldn't get Hayden to preschool in time so I let him miss. We did a little shopping and stopped at McDonalds for lunch. Hayden missing school has been a new thing lately and its happening too much. He never used to miss. There is just always something coming up it seems. Preschool has become hard on me Ha Ha! Well, only a few more months to go until his Summer break. I can't wait for all the fun things we do in the Summer. We are talking about doing a Disneyland trip...but with the whole adoption stuff we really need to save money. At least we have our pool to play in all summer :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Easter was so nice in so many ways, one being I felt pretty good after the week I had. I have been sick for awhile. A medication I am on is making me sick and I had a really bad week. I am slowly getting off the medication because I can't just stop taking it but I am just starting to feel ok each day and should be off the medication completely this week. Big Sigh!!!!! So it was nice to have Easter feeling pretty good. Saturday we went to a family Easter egg hunt in the morning. I wasn't feeling my best but I made it and family helped me with Hayden. After that we went home to rest and then Cinda and Sarah came over and we swam for a bit. We are heating our pool this week because its so nice outside. After swimming we went to the movies with most the girls and kids in the family and saw "Horton Hears a Who." It was cute and I was just excited to be out since my horrible week. Easter morning we went to Church and when we got home Hayden went through his Easter basket. We got out the camera and also took some of us, we attempted some family pictures in our front yard. Hayden got bubbles in his Easter basket so I tried to take some of him close up blowing the bubbles, some pictures turned out ok, I know if I had a super nice camera they would have been better. I tried! Here is some pictures from our Easter weekend.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Adoption homestudy

We had our adoption homestudy yesterday. It went great. Hayden at 1st was playing around as she was asking us questions and then it was his turn. At first he didn't want to talk but then he told her he wanted a sister and brother. She wrote that down and then he would bring her out toys to show her and tell her to write that down too. She was playing a long, it was cute. Then she told Hayden she needed to look around our house and ask if he could show her his room. He got all excited, he grabbed her hand and made her close her eyes until she got to his room. Then he said "open you eyes!" It was funny, she was this older lady and Hayden was making her close her eyes before each room. So in the end it went great, she gave us a few tips and thoughts and we should be approved within a month. We are excited to be approved so if opportunities come our way then we can be ready. I would love to use the agency we have originally wanted to use, it sounds so nice and the women who did our home study said they are very good but pricey. I just don't think we will have that extra money this year. The thing is I know in my heart there is a baby coming to us, I just hope its sooner then later.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Temple experiences outside of the Temple

For years our family has been involved with the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple. From having my siblings and mom in the pageant, to my grandpa's birds being released for certain scenes and my mom has been the assistant to the director for years. Also When Hayden was a baby he played baby Jesus during Mary's Lullaby. So the other night I was at the Temple along with some family and we wanted to wish my mom a happy birthday. The Mesa Tribune was there and took a picture of my mom showing the guy who plays Adam how to release the birds. But while we were waiting for my mom to finish with her photo shoot...haha....I saw the man who plays Jesus standing right next to us. He was all dressed up so I bent down and told Hayden "Look, there's Jesus." Hayden and my niece saw him and ran up to him, Jesus got on his knees to get to their level and started to talk to the kids. It was so sweet. Even though he is not the real Christ the image I was looking at was so sweet and gave me a warm feeling inside. Then while we were waiting for my mom to have a free minute we went into the visitor center to look at the new display of pictures they have of Christ. They have this room displaying all the pictures, its dark in there but the picture have lights on them and church music was playing. Right when I walked in my eyes teared up, you could feel the Spirit so strong in that room and the pictures were amazing. If you haven't already and you have the chance you have to go see these pictures. They are awesome!

Here is pictures of Hayden as baby Jesus in the pageant in 2005

Here is the link to see my mom in the paper. Her picture is the 3rd on the right and it says Shanna Fuller.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Working on our adoption scrapbook

I have to make a scrapbook for our adoption profile. It says to make several pages that show who we are as a family and then take it somewhere (like Kinkos) and make 3 copies. So I thought I would look into online or digital scrapbooking and then once I make several pages print them from home and make my extra 3 copies. So I just discovered It is cute but I have to pay to print them. I am ok with that, I expected I would have to pay but I have no clue how this works so I am playing around with it and then I will decide if this is the route I want to take with our adoption scrapbook. Anyone know more about this stuff that could help me????

Here is a few things I was fun!

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our wonderful new Church building!

Today was the 1st Sunday in our new church building. The building is very close to our house but there has been months of construction delays. Even though we live in Queen Creek we have being going to church in Apache Junction since we moved to Queen Creek. So its nice to have a building so close now. It makes church, meeting, and all activities so much easier to go to. You can see our church building from my front yard. But once more homes are built around me I know I won't be able to see it. :( But it is so nice to not "travel" to church anymore. We love our new building and our ward. It was so nice taking just a 2 minute drive to church today.