Friday, March 27, 2009

Emmie's 2 year old pictures- part 2

In a previous post I mentioned I asked a women in my ward if I could hire her to take some pictures of Emmie since she just turned 2 years old. She took lots of shots and Emmie hardly looked at the camera but we got a handful of cute ones. After trying to decide on which ones I wanted to print Sandi asked me if we wanted to try some of her again at my house. I mentioned to her before that Emmie's room is pink and could be a cute backdrop. So Sandi came by, we threw her dress on, clipped her little flower in her hair and Sandi worked her magic. I loved the way they look. So cute!!! Hard to pick just one now. These were my favorites.

Here is her website

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emmie turns 2

It was Emmie's 2nd birthday but her 1st birthday with us. This was a hard party to plan. 1st off its tax season and 2nd at Emmie's age she really isn't into anything. So themes and ideas of what to do was really hard to think of. I ended up not doing a theme and just picked some girly colors and decided to do it at a park. We just let the kids play at the park, Aaron got out of the office early and picked up pizza and as it got dark we hurry and did gifts and cake. It was simple but fun and I know Emmie loved it.

Emmie loves balloons so I had to get her some. I took the picture before we left for the park.

As I was setting up I took a picture of the cake in case any little hands touched it once the party started.

Emmie and her cousins playing at the park

Emmie and Jace

Grandma Fuller is here!

Eating pizza
Emmie loved all her gifts!

Emmie was trying to blow out her candles but very little air would come out of her mouth so uncle Adam brought the candles closer up to her and she did it!

Emmie loving the cupcake!

Party invitation I made

Link to Kim's awesome cakes. I have been using her for years and she always does so good and her cakes taste so good!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Emmie's 2 year old pictures

I take lots of pictures of Emmie but since we have had her I haven't taken her in for any professional shots. She was turning 2 so I thought it was time to take some nice pictures. I asked a women in my ward if I could hire her to take some of Emmie. She took lots of shots and Emmie hardly looked at the camera but we got a handful of cute ones. Here is one she emailed me so I could put it on my blog. Thanks Sandi...seriously you do a great job!

She also posted some on her site and her facebook fan page. Check them out!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring in our backyard

It was time to plant my spring garden so as I was cleaning out all the old plants. While doing that I found more carrots that I didn't even see from when I picked them last week. There is at least another meals worth. So I was happy to find these. I was shocked to see this really big one...I don't know how I missed that one.

This one didn't get the chance to grow all the way but I thought it was so that's a real baby carrot!
Comparing the biggest one to the smallest one. Both planted the same!

Here is my Spring garden just started. I did bell peppers, tomatoes, 2 different types of squash/zucchini, and cilantro. Only3/4 of the garden was used up but we will use the other part to plant cantaloupe soon.

Bell peppers already coming
These are thornless blackberries plants. A women in my ward had these for anyone in the ward who wanted them. This is a branch for a blackberry bush that grew real well from the area. Right now I have them in soil trying to get them to root and then I will plant them into the ground. I LOVE blackberries so I was so excited to hear she had these and really hope they grow well. I hope I don't mess it up. I won't see any berries this year but should next year and every year to come as long as I keep the plant. I put the pot in a small dog cage so the kids won't play with them.

I am so excited to see green grass again in our backyard. We didn't do winter grass so our grass has been yellow, dead and ugly for awhile so I am so glad to have our grass again!
My peach tree isn't growing very much but it has some very pretty flowers on it.
We have lots of blossoms on our 2 orange trees

We had one plant die around our pool so I planted this over the weekend. I loved the braided trunk and I love these flowers around our pool. It gives it a pretty tropical look.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Chick

After church I decided to take some picture of Emmie. She looked so cute in her new dress. I told her to stand in her room and she was all smiles and saying cheese. When we first got her she was so scared to be around a camera. She is getting so much better with pictures, she was having lots of fun giggling and posing. I thought she was so cute!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adoption Court Date Set

We got a call from our Lawyer that Emmie's adoption day (court date) will be August 6th. We thought it would be in May sometime so we are a little shocked its so late in the summer. But there is a good thing about it being later then we thought. With the state budget cuts we weren't sure if Emmie would get her therapy anymore that she gets now each week. But we were told this week that her health insurance she has now as a foster child will cover therapy. So this way we know her therapy will continue to at least August now and in the mean time we will apply for programs to help her get therapy after her adoption is complete. So this may be a blessing! She is doing very good with her therapy so I would hate to see her lose it now. Once her adoption is final we will go to the temple and be sealed. I am so excited for that. It was such a sweet experience to do with Hayden and now we get to do it again as a family. That's one thing I love about adoption, we get to keep going back as a family to the Temple. I think that's the best feeling on Earth!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Carrots from our garden

Today I picked ALL the Carrots from our garden. Its that time of year to start our summer garden so I had to pull everything. Most of the garden was done a month ago but our carrots were still growing and I wanted to give them all the time I could. So today I started to pull them all and they really added up. I didn't even know what to do with them. I laid them on the sidewalk and got out the hose. Some were still small, but still can be eaten so I am real happy with the turn out of our carrots. Last year our carrots didn't turn out at all.

This was the only one that came out funny. It looks like legs.
I have been cleaning and pealing these for awhile and I am still not done!