Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Between lessons, camps and open skate it seems we have been spending a lot of our free time at Sk8 Asylum. Which is great, it's been giving us something to do as a family with Aaron being so busy at the tax office.

Vagrant Skateboards came to Sk8 Asylum one Saturday to have a Demo & BBQ.  Vagrant had about 8 skateboarders come from California.  Hayden got 6 autographs on his skateboard.  They also did a Skateboarding Demo that was fun to watch. They did some really cool tricks.

 Hayden watching the skaters

Vagrant had some give-aways and they dropped them from the 2nd floor, Hayden ended up with lots of stickers. He was hoping for a board but he was  happy with the stickers.

A few pictures from the Presidents Day Power camp


 I am thinking about making this a poster for Hayden's room

Emmie is loving her skate lessons there, its all she talks about. She is doing so good too. She just got her new pink board and silver helment she wanted so she is set.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Gilbert, AZ Temple

Every time we drive to Costco or the mall my kids are always so excited to see how the temple is coming along. For the longest time it looked like nothing but now its really starting to come along and look like a temple. It's going to be such a beautiful temple! On this weeks Costco run I decided to stop off the side of the road and take some picture with my phone. Afterwards Emmie asked me "Where do the Angels come out?" I thought it was so cute but didn't even know how to answer that one. That night at dinner I talked to the kids about what Emmie asked and answered all I could. I love how they love the Temple too. We have been so lucky to go in as a family each time we have adopted and had each child sealed to us. It would be so neat as family to adopt at least one more time and get sealed in the Gilbert temple.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

These are the cards I made for my kids to pass out to friends and family

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Emmie's 1st Skateboarding lesson

Recently Emmie has been trying to skateboard at home and started to ask when she could take lessons. At first I wasn't sure what to think. I didn't know if she only wanted to because Hayden did but she kept saying things where I could tell she was serious. I told her she could try other things if she wanted so she knew she was allowed to try something else and after I told her about other options she still picked skating. Tonight was her 1st lesson. They worked with her one and one and she was doing good and having fun. Afterwards she was so happy and proud of herself for trying stuff. The teachers said she does great pushing a board, once she learns how to turn it she will do great. Emmie also is so brave and when she falls she easily brushes it off so I know she will learn faster being brave and willing to try new things.

Here is a piece of her learning how to go down ramps

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Skateboard Theme Room Project

I am planning on changing Hayden's room to a skateboard theme room. Looking online (mainly Pintrest) for ideas I would see Skater silhouettes on the wall as decals or framed pictures. I knew I could make my own picture by using Photoshop and I was going to find a skater silhouette to us and then it hit me, I should use a picture of Hayden. I thought it would be cool to have the skater be him on the wall.  Here is some of the ideas I found online

So I picked a picture out I took of Hayden recently dropping in on his skate board. Using Photoshop I cut out the shape of his body and his skateboard and under Hue/Saturation I changed the Lightness of his body to black.   Here is the BEFORE  

Here is the AFTER
I added a background and distressed it some. Right now I don't know what colors his room will be. I am trying to find a bed spread I like.  So once I purchase that the colors on this print may change but for now I have most the project done and ready to go once I get the colors figured out.  Then I need to decide....print it on canvas, make it a poster or frame it.

I think Hayden will find it exciting to have this print on his wall so he can tell everyone it is him. Plus its a nice keep sake.

Here is a great tutorial on how to make a silhouette on Photoshop if you want one

Monday, February 6, 2012

My girl Emmie

I took pictures of Emmie last week to make her Valentine card, here is a few I thought turned out cute. She is getting so big, she will be 5 next month and she is real excited.

Football shot of the week

I call this one "Look mom, no feet!"  Hayden was trying hard to not get his flag pulled.

Friday, February 3, 2012

No more training wheels for Emmie

It's official, no more training wheels for Emmie. I knew she could take them off she didn't want to. Normally I would insist she try but I just let it slide. As I would watch her ride her bike with training wheels she would ride so slow and couldn't keep up with the other kids. So I told her if they were off she could go fast and she did. After 2 tries she had it down and was going up and down the street for hours.  She is excited to have the training wheels off now.