Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hayden's school Spring Sing

Hayden's school had their Spring Sing. It was held outside which was nice because the weather was great and it was fun to sit in our camping chairs in the grass with family and friends and have a picnic before the show started. The only bad part about it being outside....the sun was shining in all our faces and the sun was shining right into my camera making it hard to take pictures.

The Kindergartners started off the show by singing "I'm American" "You're A Grand 'Ole Flag" and "I Love America". They did a awesome job! The rest of the grades did a great job too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday Dress

This year we all wore purple to church on Easter Sunday. I first got Emmie's dress then found ties for Aaron and the boys. They matched really well, I just wish the boys tie's would show up better in these pictures.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Easter Bunny Came!

The kids have been asking me for awhile for Pillowpets so I thought it would be nice if the Easter bunny just brought them. The kids were so excited to get them and they also loved all the candy and goodies the Easter bunny brought.

Morris Family Easter Egg Hunt

It's a big Morris family tradition to do our big Easter egg hunt out on the dessert. This year I was excited that Aaron could come for the first time because Easter was after tax season. It was real nice having him there since Paxton and Emmie both need help finding the eggs.

1st round is plastic eggs full of candy for the kids 8 and younger. We always have a lucky egg they hide real well and who ever finds it gets money. This year it was worth $25

Hayden ready to look for the eggs

Emmie ready to find those eggs

Aaron and Paxton ready too!

Ready, set, go! I love how Aaron just picks up Paxton, I guess he wasn't running fast enough. Ha Ha!

All the eggs were found, now they are looking for the lucky egg

Katelynn my niece found it!

The last round is real hard boiled eggs and everyone looks for them. My kids picked up a few real eggs to eat but we were mainly out there looking for the lucky egg. This year it was worth over $200. My sister-in-law Wendy found it (her daughter found the kid egg) I guess they were pretty lucky this year!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sk8er Boy

Saturday Hayden spent most the day at Sk8 Asylum and his friend Keegan May and his 2 older siblings met him there. He always loves being at Sk8 Asylum but he was really excited to have the May kids there with him, he hasn't got to play with Keegan in awhile since he moved out of our neighborhood. While at Sk8 Asylum a pro skate boarder, Andrew Cannon, stopped in to visit for a bit and pass out some stickers and stuff for his sponsor World Industries. So Hayden and the May kids got to meet him, he signed their skate boards and gave them some stickers. Hayden was excited. Hayden with his signed board Also while at Sk8 Asylum I bought Hayden a helmet so he doesn't have to use Sk8 Asylum's anymore. When he got home with it he decorated it with stickers he has got from Sk8 Asylum. He keeps thanking me for the helmet and says he loves it and has been wearing it a lot. He even asked me if he could sleep in it. Ha Ha! Hayden riding his board on our street Hayden was practicing his spins and jumps