Monday, April 26, 2010

Paxton's 1st tooth

It broke through on 4/24/10. He has been big into biting things so I knew a tooth was on its way and then Saturday we saw it. He has been doing great for his 1st tooth. No fever, just a little more fussy then usual, and a little runny nose. I just can't believe he is getting teeth!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looks like we made it!

We made it another tax season and I am no longer a single mom. Tax season just ended and Aaron is still working each day during the week but as April ends he will go back to being home a lot more and just working a few times a week. Tax season is such a hard challenge for Aaron, I and our kids but its worth the sacrifice to have him home so much during the year.

And since my Birthday is tax day I always have mixed emotions. I am so happy tax season is over so more reason to celebrate...right? But my husband is so busy he has no time for me so it always makes me sad. This year my friend Cortney and I went out for my birthday. She kept asking me what I wanted to do and I just wanted time alone with NO KIDS. We went shopping and went to a nice dinner. I really enjoyed it and I even got me some cute Coach flip flops. The next night we went out to dinner as a family to celebrate my birthday. We went to BJ's so I could splurge on Avocado eggrolls and an Oreo pazookie. I got some fun gift from my family. After eating Aaron took me to the Coach store to pick out a ring. Its cute and I love it. He also got me roses and a $100 gift card to Potterybarn.

Plans for the future now that tax season is over????? Hayden starts Kindergarten this Fall so we want to get lots of get aways done before he is strapped to school.
So far we have planned.... a week long Disneyland trip in May, camping and cabin trips through out the summer, and Hawaii in September for our 10 year anniversary (9 days with no kids).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paxton in the bath

He looked so cute in these pictures I had to post these. (Paxton at 5 months)

This years professional pictures of the kids

The kids have not had professional pictures taken in awhile. Since Hayden turned 5 and Emmie turned 3 recently I wanted to get some updated ones. I also wanted to get some of Paxton for the 1st time. I went to a women who used to be in my ward. I love her stuff and she does an awesome job!

Hayden's 5 year old shots

Emmie's 3 year old shots

1st professional shots of Paxton at 4 months old

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Day

The Easter Bunny came!

The kids loved what they much that Paxton couldn't keep his eyes off his bucket and look at me for a few pictures.

Besides candy.....
Hayden got a new hat and jacket (he is wearing the hat in these pictures)
Emmie got a Butterfly Cabbage Patch doll and new Minnie Mouse underwear
Paxton got some baby food, Little People soccer boy and a Taggie Monster

Sunday we went to my parents for lunch between conference. We had a nice lunch with my side of the family. Afterwards my mom bought some plastic eggs with candy in them to hide for the kids. So they had another egg hunt.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ from the Easter Pageant

Robert Allen (Christ) and Paxton (Baby Jesus)
Mesa, AZ Temple Easter Pageant 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paxton as Baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph (Mesa AZ Temple Easter Pageant)

One night I was talking to the people who play Mary and Joseph and we thought it would be fun to take some pictures together. We did it before the show started and they even brought their cameras so I could take pictures for them. Kelly (Mary) and Jeff (Joseph) have been super sweet to Paxton and they just love him. I know one day Paxton will love to hear all about this experience since he won't remember it and love to see these pictures. I have enjoyed the pageant so much this year and some friends I have made. It has been such a sweet experience.