Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paxton as Baby Jesus In the Mesa AZ Temple Easter Pageant (Mary's Lullaby)

Last night I stood as close as I could on stage and recorded Paxton's part in the pageant. You can't see Paxton a lot because their backs are to me sometimes but it still gives you an idea of what the part is. Also when Mary goes out to dance I couldn't record her or the people in the audience would have seen me. At the end I had to move too from my spot so the people who have their next part can go out. So at the end I am recording the ground but I wanted to get the whole song. Its my favorite of the whole pageant. Here is the video, I added it to youtube.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Sunday dress

Since Easter Sunday fell on General Conference this year we had our Ward Easter program the Sunday before Easter. Aaron and I were asked to be the narrator to the Easter program the choir put on. I always love the music and programs our choir does.

I had the kids wear their Easter church clothes. Emmie got a new pink dress. Heather made her a matching necklace and Sara made her a matching bow for her hair. I had Hayden and Paxton wear matching ties. They were all super cute!

Paxton was tired after church and was done taking pictures!

Soccer is about to start

We are about to start a new season of soccer. Hayden is playing again and Aaron is also coaching again. With it being tax season we first thought there was no way Aaron could coach again. But he looked at the schedule and he figured if he held practices early Saturdays he could do it. There is only one game during tax season and Aaron already found a sub for it so it happened to work for us this year. Hayden is really excited to play again. He gets to have his good friend Keegan May on the team, his cousin Karlee and a couple more kids he is friends with in our ward.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Morris family Easter egg hunt

Each year as long as I can remember we go to the desert and meet the Morris family out their for a family Easter egg hunt. My kids were super excited! First they do a kids only hunt with plastic eggs full of Candy. And then they do an adult hunt with real eggs. Each hunt has a lucky egg and you win money if you find it. Each person adds money to the pot. This year the kids was worth $40 and the adults egg was worth $100. We didn't win it this year but we still had lots of fun!

Hayden hanging out with Aunt Nita

Paxton getting ready for his first egg hunt

The Lucky Egg!

All the kids ready to run for the plastic eggs
4 and under get a minute head start

My cousin Sarah helping me with Paxton in his stroller

After the hunt Paxton was trying to hold an egg

Paxton wanted to eat his bucket

Friday, March 26, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs

Since the Morris family Easter egg hunt was coming we decided to get together to color our eggs and stuff the plastic ones with Candy. We met at my parents house and did it in their garage. We had several family members show up and we had a fun time. It was also nice to have my mom around since the kids hardly get to see her around tax time.

We had the kids go shirtless to avoid stains.

Jace wanted to decorate his tummy instead

WHAT???? Don't think dirty! Chickens lay eggs....DUH!

Half way through coloring our eggs my mom told all the kids the Easter birdy came. He lays eggs outside for kids to eat (whopper eggs). My grandma used to do this for us as kids and we loved it so my mom does it for our kids now.

Emmie eating her birdy eggs

Hayden trying to get all he can.