Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our new ASU Fan!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poor baby boy

For the last few weeks we have been sick. 1st Emmie got a bad cold, then Hayden and then me. I knew Paxton had a good chance of catching it too. I tried to keep the kids away from him but I still had to take care of him. So it seems Paxton got our cold but since his body is so much smaller then all of ours it is harder on him and it became bronchitis. I took him to his Doctor and she did a breathing treatment on him. It helped him quite a bit so they sent me a breathing machine for home. Now every 4-6 hrs we have to give him his breathing treatment. I am so grateful for it though because you can really tell a difference after each treatment. I feel sorry for the little guy. I hope he gets better fast!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine cards

Cards I made for Hayden to pass out to his cousins, preschool friends and family

Cards I made for Emmie to give her cousins, therapist and family

Cards I made for family of Paxton. I love how Paxton's body parts spelled out L O V E.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Potty training Emmie

Emmie is almost 3 and I want her to be potty trained. It is day 3 and Emmie is doing really good with potty training. She has never seemed ready but Saturday we were home for most the day and I was bored so I thought I would try. Since she has delays and some sensory issues I wasn't sure if she could grasp going in the toilet, but she surprised me. If we are home she is perfect at it, outside of the home she has accidents but I know its normal and she is moving into the right direction. I motivated her with candy and Minnie Mouse panties and it seemed to work. She also has a book that does a flushing sound she likes. I bought it for her for when we potty trained her and it came in handy when she was sitting on the toilet at first because she would sit there for a long time before going. When she goes in the toilet now she is much faster and she gets so excited. I am hoping this is it!

My future missionary

Paxton just turned 3 months old. On Sunday I dressed Paxton up for the 1st time in real church clothes. He looked so cute, like a little man so I had to take some pictures. I kept joking at church he was my future missionary.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paxton's crib

As Paxton approaches 3 months old I am slowly transitioning him to his crib and out of the bassinet that's in our room. He has been taking naps in his crib and seems to love it...maybe he enjoys his space. I am hoping within a few weeks he will be in his crib all the time. He is sleeping through the night but since he is sharing a room with Hayden I just want to make sure he sleeps well in it and isn't waking Hayden up a lot in the night.

Here are some shots of him in his crib.

Pacifier Clips

Since Paxton loves his pacifiers and uses the pacifier clips a lot I thought I would make him some cuter clips. I had some old ones from when Hayden was a baby. They ribbons were out dated and dirty so I bought new ribbon and some cute buttons to spice them up. I thought they turned out cute and they were fun to make.