Thursday, December 18, 2014

Santa Night at our House

We had our Santa night and I couldn't believe the great turn out we had. This was our 8th Christmas doing it and it was our biggest turn out ever. It was non-stop people the whole time. I loved it! A few times we even had a long line to take pics with Santa. This year our new addition was our snow machine. Everyone loved it and the kids couldn't get enough. What a fun night, thanks to all who came!

I was getting pictures of my kids and then the crowds came so I only got Paxton done and had to get my other kids at the very end.   Paxton's wearing a suit Hayden wore too when he will little.

Santa getting cute!

Paxton sitting their with this cup cracked me up, like he was on break or something.

Love that we had snow on our porch

dancing in the snow

Hayden with his jacket

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