Friday, May 24, 2013

Emmie's Kindergarten Graduation

Today Emmie graduated from Kindergarten and I have never felt so proud of her. When we got her around at the age of 18 months she had in home therapy in our home for a few year because she was pretty delayed in everything. And she went to a special preschool to help her also. They told me in preschool (in her last year) she was doing awesome but I never knew what they meant, I didn't know if they meant compared to other kids in the school. I would often wonder if she would be able to do good in school and even handle the school we wanted to put her in because they teacher higher then most schools. When she started Kindergarten I prayed she could do it and keep up with her class. Well she did so much better then that! Each grading period she had all A's & B's and when I told her teacher at the first parent teacher conference she used to have delays she couldn't believe it. Emmie has come so far with all her hard work and her love for school helps a lot too. She is so excited for 1st grade! And next year their school moves into a new building and we are all excited for that.

Her class recited the Preamble to the United States Constitution and sang a few songs


Emmie and Mrs Goff (her teacher)
 Emmie and her friend Avery

Enjoying the swings on the Kindergarten playground one last time with her friends Avery and


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our new house

Today we did the final walk-thru on our new house, it should be ours next week. I am excited to have a house again and not be renting but I HATE moving in the summer time, its so hot. I need to get motivated to pack and get ready. I will after our vacation and camping trip coming up. We really don't have to be out of our rental for a few months.

We bought in Queen Creek in a location we really wanted to be in, so I am excited about that. The neighborhood is new and pretty big so I am sure our ward will take some time to get used to with new move-ins all the time. We know 3 families that already live there, so that makes it nice and one goes to our kids school so we can carpool next school year.

 Here is a picture of the model home, ours isn't landscaped yet

Plan 7002
3,624 Square Feet
5 Bedrooms
Bonus room
3 Bathrooms
2 + 1 Car Garage

 Floor plans

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hayden's (Let's Play Music) Piano Recital

After a 3 year music program with Let's Play Music Hayden is finally done!  To finish it all up he had a Piano Recital. He played 2 songs, one song he wrote himself. Him and I were both excited about the recital because it was nice to make it to the end. 

The song Hayden wrote (with some help from me) He played it for his teacher and with a program on her computer she was able to print this up for him.  He had to name it and tell why he named it that. He said he named it Bounce Pass because he likes basketball and he thought it sounded like 2 people playing basketball with each other. 

Hayden was up first, which was good so he could get it over with :)

After everyone played it was award time!
Those who came to watch Hayden Next....after summer he will take regular piano lessons. But thanks to this class he has a huge head start!