Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tooth Fairy Prints

Right before bed time Hayden lost another tooth. As I was putting him to bed he said he wanted to write the tooth fairy a note. I waited a few minutes as he ran down stairs and brought back this note he wrote. He asked the tooth fairy to leave a foot print and a hand print, as I read it all I could think of was how will I pull this off. So once he was asleep I quietly went into his room and got the note. I ended up getting some glitter glue and making the prints with a q-tip. I hope he believes it. Before he went to sleep he said he was so excited to see her prints and show his class.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A trip to the cabin for some snow fun

My aunt lives behind my parents cabin and my grandma has a cabin next door. This year my grandma decided to stay up for the whole year, not just the summer. I told her maybe one of these weekends the kids have a Monday off we would come up to visit, especially if there was snow so the kids could play in the snow. Presidents day weekend ended up working out the best to go. They just had a lot of snow but the roads were clean enough for us to drive up. I convinced my sister to come up too with her kids. They kids were excited to go to the cabin together, play in the snow and get to spend time with Cinda and Grammy.

The minute they got there they started to play in the snow

We had fun Sledding in the creek next to the cabin

Hayden lost another tooth at the cabin, luckily the tooth fairy found him there

Hayden getting some shooting lessons from the best...Uncle Bill. Hayden is shooting the BB gun Bill got him for his 8th birthday. Hayden is one lucky kid!

Hayden's 1st Blue and Gold Banquet

Hayden started Scouts when he turned 8 in December and he just loves it! I love how excited he is about being a Scout and I hope he keeps up the hard work. Aaron is busy because it is tax season so he couldn't attend his 1st Blue and Gold Banquet but he was able to help him decorate his cake.

Before we left Emmie took a few pictures of us, I call Hayden my little Boy Sprout!

Hayden's cake with flags

Hayden's cake him and Aaron decorated

Hayden's cake won one of the awards, he was super excited to call Aaron and tell him