Monday, November 26, 2012

Halloween night at Disneyland

So since we were going to be at Disneyland for Halloween I told the kids to pick a costume that was Disney. Emmie quickly said she wanted to be Red Minnie. Paxton said Mickey but he was Mickey last year. I decided to pull out the 18 month sized costume and it still fit. So he was Mickey. Hayden took days to decide. I reminded him Star Wars was as Disneyland so any of those characters would work. He was excited I reminded him and he chose Luke. Aaron and I thought since it was Disneyland we would dress up. We couldn't decide what to be with out spending a lot of money on ugly, cheap adult costumes. We were at Goodwill one day and glanced at the costumes. I could see a big Mickey costume. I pulled it off the rack and it was Aaron's size. It was so funny looking, Aaron didn't want anything to do with it. I kept begging him to do it for us just at Disneyland. So he did. The kids loved it and of course I was laughing at him from the inside. I did a simple Minnie custom for me by just wearing red and black and buying Minnie ears. It was all I could find.

We got there just as the parade started and before they closed down somethings for the Halloween part of the night.

We went around the park getting way too much candy. Then we sat around to rest and watch the Halloween Parade.

After we got back to our room Hayden was checking out his candy, apples, carrots and Craisins.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Storytellers Cafe

Every time we go to Disneyland we go to a Character Breakfast one morning.  There is a few to choose from and we usually go to Goofy's Kitchen. This year we went Halloween morning and decided to go to the one in our own hotel, the Storytellers Cafe. The theme is a little different and it's hosted by Chip 'n Dale. The food was just as great and it was still super fun.  But I think I like Goofy's kitchen a little more.

Dancing with the bears

When making the reservation they asked if we were celebrating anything special and since Paxton's birthday was so close we told them it was his birthday. At the end of our meal they brought him a cupcake and sang to him. He loved it!

The bear grabbed Paxton's Mickey and pretend to eat it, he thought it was so funny.