Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Break

Ever since we got our trailer I have been wanting to go camping. With fall break I knew it was the perfect chance. Aaron knew he couldn't take the whole week off so I didn't want to camp alone. So we ended up taking the trailer to the cabin so I stayed on my parents lot while they were there at their cabin and it wasn't bad or scary at all not having Aaron there. Sara and Adam also came to the cabin with their kids so it was perfect. My kids had someone to play with and they did play all day. It was so nice. I wasn't sitting at home, with the kids out of school and them fighting at home all day because there wasn't anything to do. So going to the cabin for Fall Break was a great decision! And I really enjoyed getting to use our new trailer.

Jace and Hayden playing Army guys

The boys helping Adam and Grandpa (Grammie's cabin)

Paxton loves his new cousin Daylen

Adam made a swing for the kids and hung it at Grammie's since she had the best tree's. The kids loved it!

Making dutch oven potatoes one night...mmmmmm!

Almost every night we has a fire and had Smores and roasted Starburst.

At night it was pretty cold so I had to run the fireplace to just keep the chill out of the air.


One day Paxton and I layed in my bed and watched some cartoon and took a nap. I love this trailer!

And one the best parts was getting to spend each day with this cute new nephew of mine.  Snuggling new babies are the best!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

11 foot vert

Hayden has mastered every ramp, half pipe and the bowl at AZ Grind. He just has the 11 foot vert to master. He can skate the inside almost all the way to the top but he is too scared to start at the top and drop in. He is doing so good though and loving every minute of skateboarding. I know he will be soon dropping in with a little more time and lessons.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our Pumpkin Patch

We have our own pumpkin patch!

When we moved into this house we could tell some type of vegetable plants were growing in our yard. Aaron pulled a few but I told him to leave the biggest one to see what it grew. It's pumpkins! It's actually the mini Pumpkins and we have about 20 growing. Since we won't be home for Halloween (we will be at Disneyland) I have been thinking of something fun to do with these for Thanksgiving. I have a few decoration ideas in mind. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Primary Program

Sunday was our primary program. Before church I took some pictures of the kids in their Sunday best. Hayden and Emmie did a great job. I can't believe Paxton will be a Sunbeam next year and will be in the primary program. They are growing up too fast!

Check out my beautiful kids....

How did I get so blessed to be their mom?????

Monday, October 1, 2012

Vegas - Our anniversary trip

To celebrate our 12 year wedding anniversary we went to Vegas. We flew there for 4 day and 3 nights. We had a great time, we had so much fun. We went and saw some shows, which we have never really done while there. Our 1st night there we saw Mystère, by Cirque du Soleil. It was so awesome. We had great seats and we were really glad we went.

We rented a Corvette convertible while we were there, it was SO FUN driving on the strip!

We stayed here at the Excalibur

Another show we went to see one night was Terry Fator, his talent is amazing!

One day we drove down the stripe to go visit the Pawn Shop that's on the show "Pawn Stars". Aaron and I both really like the show, it was really neat seeing the store in real life. No, we didn't see anyone from the show and No we didn't buy anything. I was shocked how little they had in stock and how everything seemed over priced. They even have a gift shop inside. If you are ever in Vegas its worth a visit.
Yes, there was a line to get in but it took less then 10 minutes to get in so it wasn't bad at all

A week after coming home it was our actual Anniversary, it fell on a Sunday so we took a quick picture before church. This is what 12 years of Marriage looks like. Ha!