Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New house - New table

At the new house our kitchen table went into the dining area but I wanted a place for the kids to eat their breakfast/lunch in the kitchen. The island has cabinets all around so the stools didn't fit. So I wanted a table for the kids and couldn't find anything in stores. So we asked Nate Heslington (who was in our ward and lived right behind us) to make what we were looking for and he did a great job! We were all excited to get our new table today for the kitchen. Ooh and the kids like that they can sit at that table and watch tv in the family room like at the old house.

It is no nice I don't want the kids to eat on it now.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hayden dropping in the bowl

Hayden finally faced his fears and dropped in the bowl today at skateboard lessons!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Halloween at Disneyland!

Halloween is still a few months away but we can't wait because we are going to Disneyland!
When we thought we were buying a house we already talked about how we probably couldn't go on any family vacation this year. But once we found we would have to wait on buying and just rent I told Aaron let's plan a family vacation. We looked into different locations but nothing sounded exciting or worth the money. We even considered taking the kids to Hawaii but didn't think they would really appreciate it just yet. When we asked the kids if they had any ideas where they would like to go they just said California and Disneyland.  Well, since we go every year I told Aaron let's do something a little different. I said Let's go for Halloween and lets splurge and stay at the California Grand which is the hotel connected to California Adventure. So we are spending a lot more then we usually do but we know this will be a new and fun experience and I know we will all love it. I know we will love having our hotel right there and having the comfort of going to our room when ever we want to rest to change if we get wet on rides, to having our own entrance into the park and so much more. Plus not to mention we will be there on Halloween and we will get to Trick-or-Treat there on Halloween night. We have heard its really fun, the kids get tons of candy and Disneyland throws a great Halloween bash.

So since we have been talking about it a lot at home the kids are super excited and we are already planning and buying costumes. I told the kids they had to be something Disney.  Hayden couldn't think of anything then I remembered they do have Star Wars stuff there so if he wanted he could be one of those characters. So here is the plan....
Hayden- Luke/Jedi
Emmie- Minnie Mouse (red)
Paxton- either last years costume Mickey or Yoda. He can't decide.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

1st day of school

School started up again and the kids were pretty excited (so was I.) I think Emmie was the most excited because she started Kindergarten and she loved the idea of being at the same school as Hayden. Hayden is in 2nd grade now and Emmie goes to PM Kindergarten.

The 1st day we all woke up and took Hayden and hung out with him until he went into his classroom 

1st day of 2nd grade

 2nd grade!!!!

 Just got to school and Hayden runs to the basketball court where he spends most of his recess time

Hayden and his cousin Karlee starting 2nd grade

 Hayden and his friend Zack

Standing in his class line, waiting to start flag ceremony.
Lizzy Flake in his class and Karlee (his cousin) standing in line next to him

Hayden's teacher at Flag ceremony

getting their backpacks and going into their class room

After Hayden went into class we went home and waited until noon to take Emmie to her 1st day of Kindergarten!

Emmie and her Kindergarten folder

Playing before school starts

 Emmie and her friend Avery Playing before school starts

Emmie's teacher and class

Emmie and her teacher- going into class

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Paxton's ER visit

Guess who stuck a tiny wheel up his nose and we had to go to the ER to get it taken out!

Last night we got back from Peter Piper for my nephews birthday party and the kids were playing upstairs before bed. Hayden won this tiny skate board (Matchbox size) with his tickets and it came with wheels to change on the board.  Paxton walked down stairs to me sneezing and with watery eyes saying "Hayden's wheel is stuck up my nose"  I guess he thought it would be fun to stuff it up there.  We couldn't even see it up there at first, then we laid him back and got a flash light and found it way up there. We tried to take it out with needle nose pliers but it was making him bleed and Paxton was screaming too much.  So I just took him to the ER down the street and they got him right in. They said it was pretty wedged in there but the DR used this tool to try and get it and it worked. Which was nice, because they said sometimes they have to put the kids to sleep to get it.  I just hoped Paxton learned his lesson and will never try that again.

Bad Summer Blogger!

I have been horrible at posting things in my blog this summer.  Not only do my kids keep me busy but we have had some big thing come up.

I had surgery- I had to have surgery on one of my breast. I will try to keep this somewhat private and not TMI.  I had found something abnormal going on with one of my breast. It was something I have never heard of before and most people said the same thing. Aaron and I goggled it and found I should see a DR ASAP.  I called my OB the next day, he sent me to a Breast Surgeon and several days after that I was in surgery.  One of my ducts was bleeding. He had to remove it and get it tested to make sure it wasn't cancer.  After surgery ( I was still under) the Dr told Aaron and my mom in the waiting room he found something but not to go home worrying, it looks fine. A week later I went back for my after surgery appointment. Good news it wasn't cancer. But the best news for me was when he told me when he removed the duct he said he could easily see it was abnormal and it would have turned into a tumor or worse, so we caught it early. I instantly got tears in my eyes because I felt so very blessed!  I am still sore at times but healing well.

 We moved-  We can't buy a house until a year after our short sale closes. So we will be renting for a year, maybe 2. We are still in Queen Creek, just closer to Gilbert now. We got the keys to the new house mid July so I feel like we have been so busy with this move. We would pack and move stuff over all the time, and last weekend was the official moving day where our ward and some family came to help us move all our big stuff.  We really like the new house so far, I like the layout. It's a 2 story house so this in new to us. We have never lived with stairs and avoided homes with stairs all we could. But when we looked for homes to rent in the Queen Creek area there was no houses in the size we wanted in just one story. So far I haven't minded the stairs and the kids love them (expect on moving day they didn't.)  The biggest thing we don't like about this house....NO POOL. But again, when looking at rentals we didn't find a single house at the time with a pool. So we will have to suffer next summer but I am sure we will live.   We moved far enough where we are in a different ward and Stake so that will be all new for us but the kids will still stay at the same school.  They go to Benjamin Franklin and there is one much closer to us now but I wanted the kids to stay at the same campus with all their friends and my niece.  I will have to drive them to and from school but its only a 10 minute drive.  Once I get things a little more unpacked I will take some pictures to post.

Next big thing- School starts tomorrow!!!!!  Hayden will be in 2nd grade and Emmie will be in Kindergarten. They are excited to go back to school and Emmie is beyond excited about going to Kindergarten and being in the same school as Hayden. She knows so many kids in her class so I know she will have such a blast in school this year. Ooh and I am excited too!!! :) Just not looking forward to the homework though. :(