Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ward Campout

We went to our ward camp out and have every year since we have been in this ward. They are always so nice, fun and relaxing and of course the kids love to play all day with their friends. We went up a day earlier then most the ward. The 1st day there was only about 5 families there but it was nice to get there and set up and let the kids run crazy. The next morning we just hung around camp and the boys went shooting as we watched all the families show up through out the day.

The boys all headed to go shooting guns and bow and arrows.

Aaron took a picture with his cell phone of Hayden shooting the bow and arrow. Hayden was so excited he got to shoot it.

Aaron back from shooting

After lunch before most the ward showed up I took some pictures of my kids. Emmie loved this swing.

I love Paxton's face

Paxton trying to balance

Once most the ward showed up the kids were so busy playing, they were having a blast!

Even the boys played horse shoes

Friday night fireside
Saturday before heading home. Paxton crashed before getting into the car. Hayden and Emmie crashed before we even left the dirt road from the camping spot.

Of course before we left we had to have a little incident. Hayden got stung by a bee. He surprisingly didn't freak out like he did when he got stung for the 1st time a year ago. He just cried for a little bit and by time we got home you could hardly see it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paxton starting to walk



Monday, August 16, 2010

Hayden's 1st school bus ride

Hayden's school started buses today. Since he has pm Kindergarten me and 4 other women who are in my ward take turns doing carpool and taking our kids to school and the bus brings them home with the rest of the kids. Hayden was super excited to ride a bus. Along with his cousin Karlee he also knows at least 15 other kids on the bus who also are in our ward. It makes me feel better that he knows these good kids and I am not worried about him being alone on a big bus since he has so many good and close neighbors and ward members with him. At the bus stop where they dropped off Hayden 99% of the kids that got off that bus I knew and are in our ward. And I am glad Hayden can feel comfort in knowing them and not worry about anything.

Here comes Hayden's bus
Hayden getting off the bus

Karlee plugging her ears because she thought the bus was loud

Emmie starts preschool

Because of Emmie's speech delay she gets to go to early intervention preschool at a close by Elementary school and we love it for so many reasons. She gets professional help, she gets one on one speech therapy, she gets to ride a bus that comes to our house, she goes 4 days a week and it's paid for by the state. She got to start when she turn 3 so she went last school year for a few months before school was out for the summer. So this will be her 1st full year and this year I put her in PM so Hayden and her are gone at the same time. She was super excited to start school again and ride the bus.

Bye Emmie!

Emmie coming home from her 1st day of preschool. She had so much fun!

I took these pictures the week before at her meet the teacher day. Since she takes the bus to and from school I hardly see her class room so I wanted to take some pictures at her meet the teacher.