Friday, June 25, 2010

The Bounz House

In Queen Creek near our home a place opened up called The Bounz House. It a warehouse building with rooms filled with different bouncy blowup houses, slides and other fun things for the kids to play on or with. One day I decided to go last minute with my sister, Sister-in-law Wendy and their kids so I forgot my camera. We just had our cell phones to take pictures. Later on Eve Flake who is in Sara's and my ward showed up with another one of her kids, 2 of her kids were already with us. We had lots of fun! Here is their site if you want to check it out!

Jacob Flake and Hayden in Velcro suits

Me and Eva about to play tug a war

Me and Wendy about to play tug a war. In the middle of the tug a war my vest popped open and was pulled off my head and scratched my face, it was a little scary but funny.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paxton's Adoption Day

Monday June 21st was Paxton's adoption day. It was a special day! Paxton's adoption was at the Florence AZ court house. Our other kids adoptions were in Mesa. So this was new for us. Aaron's parents drove with us (my parents were out of town) we got to the court house a little early and the judge was running late. We hung out in the hall while the kids played with Grandpa and Grandma Ray and Aaron and I chatted a lot with our lawyer. The bailiff that was in the court room was an officer we know. His name is Eric Larson, he is in our ward and lives across the street from my sister Sara. I thought it was so cool that he happened to be there. When we finally got in the court room it was real big, it actually made me feel nervous. We sat at one table with our lawyer and our kids sat at the other. When the judge asked questions we talked into the microphone. Once all the required questions were asked the judge said he wanted to talk to the kids, which isn't required. He asked Hayden a question and Hayden just grabbed that microphone to talk to him back which made us laugh. The judge asked the kids to walk up to his desk. He then was talking to them so quite we couldn't even hear what they were talking about. I guess he was asking our kids their favorite places to eat. He then ordered us to take the kids to Peter Piper Pizza to celebrate and play games (Hayden's request) and Emmie wanted Chik fil'a. He also let them get some candy from his desk. It was so cute and funny and I thought it was so nice of the judge to do that for the kids and let them feel so involved. They loved it. So in the end Paxton was an official Ray! We were all so happy. We just love this little guy so much!!!!

Afterwards we went to dinner to celebrate and Adam, Sara and their kids came to join us.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

1st Ray Camping Reunion

We do things with Aaron's grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins a few times a year but we have never camped with them. So Aaron's cousin Leanne decided to set up the 1st Ray camp out. The week before we camped at our Morris reunion but we were still excited to go camping again in a new spot and with different people. We camped for 4 days and the weather was actually pretty cold but still so much nicer then back home. We enjoyed this camping trip a lot, I got to know some more family I haven't really known that well and our kids loved playing with their cousins.

Paxton playing on our bed in our camper

Potato Lake

Swing that Tom made...the kids just loved it!

Hayden loved the Under Dogs

Uncle Mark giving it a try

Our last full day there it rained and hailed around lunch time

We drove to this creek to have the kids play, the water felt so great and it was so clean and clear which I loved.

Paxton wanted to play on the ground so bad so I made his a little spot to sit and he loved to play with the rocks.

This was so cute....we saw a momma duck and her baby ducklings