Monday, February 28, 2011

It's All About Me Tee

Hayden is being spotlighted in March in his Kindergarten class so his teacher sent this home for him to fill out and decorate. I took a picture before he went to school with it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Football Fun

Hayden has really enjoyed playing football. Each Saturday its been fun going to watch him. He only has one more game left so I made sure I took my camera today to get more pictures and a shot of his team and coach. His coach is Ryan Blair who is in our ward and 3 of his team mates are in our ward too.

Rigden, Hayden, Gage, Brock & Devin

Hayden's cutest fan!

Touch Down!!!

One time Paxton ran on the field and Hayden had to bring him back.

Monday, February 14, 2011

To my Loves on Valentines!

This says it all....
click on image to see it bigger

Sunday, February 13, 2011

There is love in Castlegate

Saturday night we went to our ward Valentine's party and our old Bishop made this little movie. We had lots of fun and I was happy Aaron was able to get out of the tax office a little early to be with me at this party. :)

Valentine Cards

I have never cared for Valentines day. But ever since I have had kids I have had so much fun doing cute pictures and cards for them. I also had the kids pose to make Aaron a card. Here is the cards I made for this Valentines.

Hayden passed these out in his Kindergarten class. I asked him what theme he wanted and he wanted to do Star War Lego's. It was kind of hard to think of something. So one day him and I looked up online some ideas. We saw a card that said "Yoda one for me" when I said it out loud Hayden said he liked it but I kept trying to think of something better. After a few days Hayden would still say "Yoda one for me" around the house and even made it into a song. So we went with that. He had the idea to take a picture with his little Yoda guy.

Emmie passed these out to her preschool class. I thought the saying "Owl always be your friend" was cute and Emmie liked her card once I showed it to her. Right now she isn't really into any characters so I just went with something girly for her. She loves girly stuff!

Paxton was the hard one! I think I tried about 5 different times for a few weeks to take a picture of him for his card. Every time I would put him down and pose him he would cry or walk away. Nothing made him happy and nothing made him smile. One day while the kids played outside I thought I would try again and keep him busy by holding something. It worked for a few minutes but I still never got a smile. But he is still a super cutie! I just went with a simple ABC's theme with "I love U" highlighted. Simple and sweet. With him holding that heart I almost wrote on their "Will work for Love" But it didn't sound appropriate. Ha ha!

With all the different times I tried to take pictures here are some out takes
Hayden tried 20 times to make a heart with his hands while he held Yoda, he just couldn't do it.
Emmie....Look at the camera please!
Paxton crying! I even gave him crackers and he would cry with those too.

He ignores me....
gets mad at me....
Breaks my Heart!!!!!
Then he gives me dirty looks......
All Frustrating at the time but cute and funny now.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family Rules

I made this Subway Art family rules sign, printed it out on photo paper (at Costco) and modge pog it on scrapbook paper and a sheet of wood. Added some rolled fabric roses and done! So easy and cute! This is how mine turned out.

click on the pictures to see it bigger

Now, Do you want one?????
If so, I am selling them on my Family Proclamation Blog here

Saturday, February 5, 2011