Saturday, June 21, 2014

Camping at Whiteriver (Morris Reunion)

Warning...Super long post, but its because we camped for 2 weeks and stayed busy. We had so much fun it went by way too fast. Our reunion was June 14th but we went a week early.

As we got to our campground we found aunt Nita there already camping. We were happy to not be the only ones there. As each day went by more and more family came.
The kids were always hanging out with Aunt Nita

Aaron drove us up, helped us set up camp and left the next day to go back home to work.  He came back the next week to camp with us the rest of the time. People kept telling me I was crazy to camp alone but it was no big deal to me.  We had fun and was glad to be out of the heat at home.

I found an arrow in a bush by our camper so Hayden made a bow with elastic and a stick.  He played with that thing almost all day.

Paxton kept begging us to take off his training wheels but I didn't really want to do it camping because I thought he would have a hard time on the dirt road.  After he kept begging me I finally agreed to it. Hayden took off his training wheels. Within five minutes he had it mastered. He said "I told you I was ready."


He did awesome and had a blast the rest of the camping trip riding his bike everywhere with the other kids.

At Lone Pine with some cousins who came for the day to visit

Playing in the river and riding bikes was their favorite thing to do

Driving to Lone Pine to look for animals. We found an elk and deer.

Brent telling campfire stories

The boys fishing at Bog Tank

Reunion Day

Aunt Georgia did a class for the kids about rocks, they loved it. She had some really cool rocks.

The younger kids did crafts

Volleyball Tournament 

Keeping cool in the river

The kids sang "Splish, Splash" for the talent show

My cousin Dustin took Hayden fishing the last day we were there. They left early in the morning. Hayden was so excited to go one more time.  He caught a few fish too.
Hayden forgot his jacket and had to wear my great aunts

After leaving the campground we went to lunch to celebrate Father's day and then went to the cabin for the night before heading home the next day.

Camping for 2 weeks flew by so fast but we had a blast.