Monday, September 28, 2009

Bryce Canyon camping trip (day 4)

Our last site seeing day we went to a few more places. We 1st went on a trail called Mossy cave. This one was the longest and hardest one we did but still was considered easy according to their map. It wasn't bad, but with kids we wouldn't want anything harder. This trail had a creek running by it. It was so clear you can barley see it. It was pretty. As we got further in we saw a water fall.

Aaron and the kids on top of the waterfall

Gerald and Jared walked up this steep trail. We noticed later that the top rock looks like that dog Astro for the Jetsons.

Hayden and I walked the creek to get up close to the water fall. We are the only ones who went, everyone else just played in the creek and then waited for us where we parked. Hayden and I had so much fun and it was so pretty. If we didn't have to hike more we would have gotten completely wet. This water was so clear and pretty I could have just hung out there for hours.

walking back to the car

We went to another look out. This one was called Fairyland Point.

Emmie and her Grandma

Kathy, Hayden, Emmie and my mom
Later in the day we went back to Bryce point to get some pictures. When I went the 1st time I left my camera in the car because it was raining. Once we got there it was freezing and even storming in the distance. But it made for some pretty pictures and beautiful view.

It took a lot of shots but I caught the lightening!

Bryce Canyon camping trip (day 3)

On day 3 of our camping trip we went to Bryce Canyon. We started at the visitor center. We watched a short film about the canyon and found out Mormon pioneers found it. A family with the last name Bryce lived near the canyon. When asked how he liked living by it he said "Its a hell of a place to lose a Cow." I thought that was so funny. While at the visitor center we bought Hayden a walking stick for the little hikes we would be doing all day. When ever we camp Hayden seems to always have a stick in his hand.

Hanging in visitor center

In the film we saw they showed Indians that lived here years ago. They would show them as ghost. So Hayden was scared we would see Indians. We thought it was funny but told him it was just pretend. He was excited to see this bow and arrow though.

Look like this tree is walking into the canyon

Maddie (my cousins daughter) Hayden and Emmie

Deer were everywhere! When I saw these deer we pulled over and I walked up to them for a picture. They must be used to people.

This squirl was so funny. He would sit there for the crowd to check out and would come out and pose for pictures. We threw him a couple grapes and he ran.